Modular Construction Industry – Off-Site and Modular Construction

Modular Construction System

Permanent modular construction is an alternative construction method that means doing more in advance of the building site. Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, using the same materials and designing to the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities – but in about half the time.

Products with modular construction are buildings with a demounted structure that can be used in every area in our age. When the project time is very critical, portable buildings provide you great convenience. For example, in temporary camp buildings, prefabricated buildings are the most preferred. Products with modular construction are produced in a very short time. They are durable structures. They can be used not only temporarily but also as permanent modular construction.

Turkey’s World Brand in Modular Buildings Where Construction

Karmod is a prefabricated building technology company based in Turkey. It has been actively involved in the sector for 36 years with a wide range of products. It manufactures products with modular construction system and collaborates with different organizations in different sectors. It offers temporary and permanent solutions with permanent and temporary commercial buildings. It produces reliable, quality, environmentally compatible structures for commercial, educational, military and healthcare applications. It has thousands of user references worldwide by delivering its structures to dozens of countries.

The Best Building Solution Of Our Time: Permanent And Temporary Construction Buildings

Permanent and temporary commercial buildings, which we can call the best building solution of our age, are used in many areas. While you can choose prefabricated houses as summer houses, you can choose container and prefabricated buildings for your construction site buildings. With portable WC and shower solutions, you will have the best and sterile solution in many areas from your construction sites to city centers. With container or prefabricated safety cabins, which are also modular construction products, you can use these structures wherever security is required. You can also choose modular buildings as a taxi stand in city centers, neighborhood mukhtars, information offices, sales offices and showrooms.

Karmod, the largest modular construction company in Turkey and the world

Modular construction is also the most economical and useful building solution for education building needs in cities where there are mass housing established as a result of refugee camps or natural disasters. At the same time, you can use different coatings for the purpose to be used in interior and exterior coatings with flexible design possibilities.

They are also the best solution for emergency housing needs. For example, in Baghdad and Kut cities, we completed the mass housing project of 1884 housing in just 7 months.

You can have your dream home with prefabricated houses both at very cheap prices and in a very short time. Except for ground concrete, structures that do not require concrete are both environmentally friendly and human health friendly.

At Karmod, You Not Only Get A Construction Building But Also Professional Consultancy Service.

Although quality, economical and robust structures are useful, not all good quality structures may be suitable solutions for your project. Here, the sector experience of the team or company carrying out the project is very important. At Karmod, you will receive not only a few buildings with modular construction but also professional consultancy services. Thanks to our contribution to every sector and with our 36 years of experience, we do not only produce quality, economical and durable structures. We offer complete and professional solutions by offering you the most suitable solutions for your project.

Some of our services:

  • In-house engineering and design services
  • Onsite construction services with full site development
  • Concurrent multi-site project capability

We are the world’s best most preferred commercial modular construction company

Modular construction companies : Provides custom modular buildings, commercial buildings, educational buildings, healthcare buildings, emergency residential buildings, buildings that can be used in personal daily life, modular cabins. Everything you need is in Karmod! And the most economical and best quality solution of everything you need is just a click away. For detailed information, you can contact us at our phone numbers or e-mail address. You can view the various projects we have carried out in every sector on our website in detail. Get the best solutions and buildings with the best service quality with Karmod.

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