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Modular dormitory buildings

Several times a year we hear from prospective clients asking for an affordable and high quality “temporary” modular dormitory building system of student housing. Whether due to spikes in enrollment, continuing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknowns of long term housing planning, school officials are often in a bind. Karmod Modular is always here to help our clients explore different solutions.

We worked with one of our modular student housing and dormitory building manufacturers to arrive at a cost-effective, yet high quality and environmentally friendly solution to a housing shortage on campus.

Modular Dormitory are Greener, Faster and Smarter

The use of modular buildings worldwide is increasing. One of the areas where these structures are mostly used is construction sites. Modular dormitory buildings, parts of which are produced in the factory and installed on site, are very advantageous. According to traditional structures, they are:

  • Much more economical
  • Much more environmentally friendly
  • Much longer life
  • Much less maintenance costs
  • More aesthetic and useful structures.

They are the most economical way to have long-lasting structures in off site prefabricated construction projects. Apart from construction sites, these structures can be preferred in your homes, hospitals and schools.

Building Dormitory Rooms Cheaper, Quicker and Quieter

Founded in 1986, Karmod has contributed to thousands of off site prefabricated construction Building Dormitory Rooms Cheaper projects for decades. It is one of the first choices of companies from all over the world, with dozens of strong references.

The first stage of the products of our company, which produces long-lasting and economical structures for Building Dormitory Rooms Cheaper Sites projects, is in the computer environment with expert teams. From the moment you choose us for the buildings you need, we will engage in a detailed and meticulous study. After tens of tests and controls of our products designed in computer environment, we start their production. After passing certain controls and tests during the production phase, we deliver your products to anywhere in the world with our packaging and transportation system in international standards.

While your Building Dormitory Rooms Cheaper and offices are built in the factory, Karmod construction services professionals are at your site preparing the foundation. We set up your delivered products with our teams and deliver them ready to use. You can contact us for everything about your products after you have delivered them.

Affordable Dormitory Modular Building Construction

Modular Building Construction sites are almost a complex with the structures inside. Kitchensdormitoriesbathrooms, dining halls, showers, wc’s, working offices, executive offices… Our company, which is one of the leading companies in its field, designs, manufactures, delivers and installs every building in the size and quantity you want.

Modular Dormitories | Prefab Dorm for Student Housing

The Modular Dormitories and dining halls that we specially designed and produced for your project are human health and environmentally friendly structures. We produce the healthiest and most useful structures for you in our production facilities approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. If you want, we can do the dining areas and Modular Dormitories in the dining halls in separate units or in the same unit. We can put portable Modular Dormitory sinks in or around the dining hall.

Buy Prefabricated Dormitory Building product

While building your Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings, Karmod produces comfortable buildings that will maximize employee performance that will affect the progress of your projects. We can produce your Prefabricated Dormitory Building according to the number of people you want and the number of staff to stay in a very short time. We have completed our projects in record time in many projects so far.

Prefabricated Modular Dormitory Design Build

Portable wc and bathrooms are light and economical structures that provide convenience in dozens of areas from fairs and organizations to picnic areas. Thanks to their long-lasting use, you can move them from one place to another and choose to use them safely in multiple projects. They are also very useful structures for Modular Dormitory Design Build and Portable bathrooms can be designed and produced inside dormitory structures or as separate units.

Karmod is a company that has built different off site Modular Dormitory Design Build  in many countries. Tell us about your project in detail and leave the rest to us. Let us consider everything for you and offer you the products that best suit your needs and wishes at the best quality and price.

You can access all of our product groups, references, projects and catalogs in detail on our website.

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