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Modular Dormitory

Karmod Modular Prefab Buildings manufactures prefabricated modular dormitory buildings designed specifically for on campus and off campus student housing buildings. Modular dorms buildings are also built to the highest quality and efficiency, to meet or exceed the same building codes as site construction. These buildings can be mobile or permanent and can be used for a multitude of purposes, such as student housing, retreat centers, military barracks, etc. They are student housing produced using prefabricated construction methods. A modular dorm is made up of volumetric units that are efficiently assembled in a factory-like setting. It’s easiest to think of a building module as a single lego piece that will be used in the final building. What is a modular dorm? They are student housing produced using prefabricated construction methods and Karmod Modular Buildings develops student housing buildings for schools, including colleges and universities, boarding schools, and military schools.

Modular Dorms are Greener, Faster, & Smarter

Since 1986, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies modernized and changed the understanding of portable accommodation. With implementation of modern technologies into products, a great deal of development can be seen compared to old prefabricated buildings. From onsite accommodation containers and dormitory containers to prefabricated homes and container villas, all of our portable modular dorms buildings are made for specific purposes but designed to offer much more.

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we promote innovation in our workplace. We constantly look for new designs to both increase our reputation by putting new high-quality products in our wide array of prefabricated dorms buildings catalogue and to improve our other services. For more than 35 years, we have helped realizing countless projects and made many people homeowners across the globe thanks to our affordable and high-quality accommodation services. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we attach great importance to humane and professional measures. We take the necessary precautions before we start our operation to decrease the possibility of causing disturbance around us to a minimum.

We respect all religions, traditions, beliefs, ideas and communities. We also know the hardships of starting out a project or an operation, not matter the scale, and want to provide you with what you need and much more to make that process easier for you. We are aware that especially fund-wise, managing a project can be frustrating and even if you’re doing fly-in, fly-outs, an on site accommodation is a must have because of how it might affect your pace of progression. That is why, as Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we are able to determine what you might need and make services that are in line with your requirements. We believe that one of the main factors of our success is the never-ending support from our clients and collective experience we had throughout the years.

Modular Dorms are Greener, Faster and Smarter

Modular dormitory are student residences produced with prefabricated building methods. A modular dormitory consists of units that are efficiently produced in a factory environment and assembled according to need. You can also think of a building module as a Lego to be used in the last building. Prefab student housing has a wide range of customization for everyone. You can choose interior and exterior plans and determine your design according to your needs. Prefabricated dormitories and permanent modular dormitory buildings are in many ways the ideal solution for your facility. If your school or educational institution, in short, you need a temporary space solution to accommodate your students, choosing modular dormitories gives you an advantage. Its standardized design has all the units a dormitory need. The project plan may change depending on the number of students you need to host.

Prefab Dorms And Modular Dorms & Student Housing

A university and a primary school do not have the same number of students. It is also different in the units needed in it. For this reason, prefabricated dormitories are produced specifically for needs. Educational institutions are much more than classrooms and dormitories. Students socialize at the same time while studying, and this is a critical process in terms of personal development. Not only study rooms but also recreation and entertainment areas are important for dormitories. Flexible and affordable, temporary and permanent modular solutions for industries such as commercial meet the accommodation needs of students. Eco-friendly buildings are a trend that has grown in popularity recently. Modular buildings are environmentally friendly and leave no traces in nature during the construction period. Prefabricated dormitories are built quickly and easily, as well as all their features. When you need a dormitory in a short time or when you want to move the dormitory to another location, it will not cause you any difficulties.

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