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High Quality Modular Homes in Greece

Karmod is the leading company in the field of prefabricated houses in Greece for more than 36 years, we guide you to your choice on time and at affordable cost. We build modular homes with the highest quality and safety standards for 50% less than a traditional building!

We have made it our goal to build technologically advanced prefabricated modular homes in Greece in order to protect the environment and establish the best quality of life for people. We work with professionalism, we are leaders in innovative technologies of passive and bioclimatic prefabricated houses, and every prefabricated modular house we design and manufacture is made of innovative structural steel materials to ensure high durability, build quality and low energy consumption. This appears in our prefab house projects and our satisfied customers. We implement a special architectural proposal for your location with a fully functional and energy-efficient prefabricated house design.

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install Steel homes in Greece

We are one of the oldest companies in the World with more than 36 years of experience in Greece. We are constantly and methodically building prefabricated modular homes. We have built more than 25,000 prefabricated houses for many happy customers in Greece. Maybe someone is your neighbor!

Get, view, view our special offers for prefabricated houses and carefully review our features, materials and famous brand companies that work with us; You will understand and see that we really have the best quality, amenities and affordable price.

Karmod offers an ideal residence that caters to your own dream steel house for your personal or family accommodation residential needs for summer house or main residence in the towns of Greece. Our wide variety of prefab steel house designs creates endless potential for space arrangements. Karmod also includes a series of prefabricated houses that are extremely durable and have low energy consumption.

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Our company, which was founded in 1986 by Karmod, one of the pioneers of the time, introduced and marketed the concept of “prefabricated modular house”, which offers innovative, fast, easy and economical solutions to accommodate thousands of families in Greece, to the Greek market for the first time.

Projecting and design services are provided for prefabricated modular houses detailed with Karmod Steel Construction technology, taking into account the existing building regulations.

Projecting and design services are provided for prefabricated houses detailed with Karmod Steel Construction technology, taking into account the existing building regulations. Our modular residences, designed according to different user needs in Greece, are robust, aesthetic and long-lasting modular structures that can be used in all climatic conditions. In line with customer needs and demands, private house and social housing works can also be carried out.

We use the most innovative prefab house technology and tools to ensure all the work is done quickly, yet we pay attention to detail to ensure everything is done right. We keep our word and stand by you after completion and beyond contractual obligations. For this reason, we are the only construction company in Greece that offers 40 years of building life and 2 years of after-sales service to all our prefabricated houses free of charge.

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