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Since 1986, Karmod has been providing affordable, quality homes for all lifestyles. Come discover our amazing mobile, Modular homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and then transported to the construction site. Modular Homes of Iraq provides affordable, quality, and luxury modular homes. Modular homes, also known as prefab homes, are the new way to build a custom home at an affordable pric. Iraq faces a major shortage of affordable housing. Explore a gallery of multifamily housing projects, from Karmod World’s Most Impressive Social Housing Projects .

Karmod modular home, to Start Housing Construction Project in Iraq

Modular homes Irag are economical and at the same time environmentally friendly structures that are produced in the factory environment with a seamless bolt system and are assembled at the delivery site. Houses, which are the most useful solution in preferences such as summer house, winter house, plateau house, vineyard house, have dozens of advantages over reinforced concrete structures. When you choose a reinforced concrete house, the cost determined at the time of order may increase according to the negativities in the construction process. Because the construction of reinforced concrete buildings can be adversely affected, for example, due to bad weather conditions or different technical reasons. The construction period of the house may take longer and extra costs may incur. In Modular Prefab houses Iraq, you will not encounter such a problem as they are produced in a factory environment.

Prefab modular houses Iraq

Low cost modular houses Iraq of Karmod are being used in reconstruction of Iraq Baghdad. Total building area of ​​the first phase of the residential prefabricated housing Iraq. One of the most needed after the war in Iraq is mass housing projects. The projects that help meet the housing need in the easiest, most economical and fastest way allow thousands of people to meet their accommodation needs in the shortest time possible. However, not only accommodation units but also social facilities are needed.

As Karmod, we are proud to be involved in both Modular houses Iraq projects and the construction of social facilities with our 36 years of experience. We took part in the new structuring process with our long-lasting, high-quality products. We established the world’s largest prefabricated city in Iraq. We produced and delivered 1884 houses in a very short time, like 7 months, and installed them on site. The project, which includes 1884 residences and 15.000 m2 social facility buildings, has a total size of 158,000 square meters. Social facilities include education buildings, kindergartens, business centers, health centers, fire stations, places of worship and shopping places. The project is the world’s largest prefabricated housing project completed in one go. 1600 of the residences were sent to Baghdad and 284 to Kut. Prefabricated houses Iraq that are in the project are duplex.

We completed another prefab homes Iraq project in 2013. We produced and delivered 260 houses for the mass housing project carried out by the Iraqi Ministry of Development. We used two-storey Modular houses in the project, which has a total area of ​​21840 square meters. And we completed this project with 260 residences within 2 months.

Modular Houses for Sale in Iraq : Villa : Luxury Homes : Best Prices

When prefabricated houses are mentioned, generally one type and simple building models come to mind. But thanks to the latest technology production systems we have with the developing technology, it is possible to produce Modular homes Iraq with more luxurious, villa type, single-storey or duplex comfortable living spaces.

As Karmod, we are proud to have delivered and still continue to deliver our structures, which we have produced with the principle of superior service and superior quality, with our expert teams in their fields since 1986. We produce the best quality, most economical and comfortable living spaces for your preference of single-storey or two-storey prefab houses Iraq in our production facilities of 20.000 square meters with high production capacity. We use TSE certified materials from the electrical installation materials we use in our buildings to sanitary installation materials, from interior wall paints to exterior paints, from doors to windows. With the EPS filling we use and suitable interior and exterior panel thicknesses, we produce houses with high insulation that can be used safely in all seasons. For the best prefabricated buildings Iraq and containers, visit our website.

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