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Modular homes Ireland

Your Modular homes Ireland is designed and built to last generations and face natural challenges. As an Irish owned business with over thirty years of experience, the Karmod brand is synonymous with high quality, bespoke luxury holiday homes and for our ability to manufacture a whole range of Modular homes Ireland for delivery anywhere throughout Ireland.

Karmod Modular homes Ireland, we pride ourselves on the finer details, so you can trust us to deliver award-winning designs that combine flexible space with fantastic value, all in the timeframe you need. You can find our manufactured, mobile and modular homes Ireland in rural neighborhoods and urban districts in a variety of sizes — perfect for couples or larger families looking for unique spaces and exceptional quality.

Make the move to a new Modular home Ireland

Karmod Modular Homes Ireland’s leading manufacturer and provider of temporary, portable and permanent building solutions. Whatever the size and whatever the specification, we can provide the answer to your accommodation and extra space needs.

With over 36 years of experience in design, manufacture and installation, we are well positioned to help you solve your accommodation problems in a speedy and cost effective way.
We are proud to say that most of our work comes from wohrd of mouth referrals, with many satisfied customers recommending us, because of our ability to deliver on-time and on-budget.
Our In-house design team is available to work with you to find the best answer to your individual building needs, including innovative design solutions for irregular or unconventional spaces.

Let’s build your ideal Modular homes Ireland.

Our in-house architects have designed inspirational collections, Each house can highly customized to the owners taste and practical usage. Designed and built using an industrialized process inspired by the aerospace industry, Karmod steel structure Modular homes Ireland offer unprecedented precision, architectural freedom and energy efficiency. They produce minimal waste on site, are Karmod ready and can be assembled efficiently without specialized tools.The steel structure of your Modular homes Ireland will never bend, buckle or crumble.

Energy Efficient Modular homes Ireland
Our Modular homes Ireland are Net Zero Energy Ready. They produce minimal waste on the worksite and can save up to 90% of future heating and cooling costs.

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