Let's Build Your Ideal Modular Homes in Malta.

We pride ourselves on the manufacture of finer detailed homes from Karmod Modular Homes, so you can count on us to deliver award-winning modular home designs in Malta that combine flexible space with fantastic value when you need it. At Karmod Malta you can find our modular homes, manufactured in various sizes in rural and urban areas, perfect for couples or larger families looking for unique spaces and exceptional quality. With a strong national manufacturing footprint we can offer affordable manufactured modular home and housing solutions to the community of Karmod, Malta. The smarter, faster, more profitable building for Malta's housing development. It's time to try modudler home!

Modular construction is a modern home solution in Malta

Karmod modular structure, one of the largest modular house manufacturers in Mlata country, is a modular house modern solution that offers a smarter, faster and more profitable alternative to traditional site construction methods.

Building faster means building modular homes more often. which means a faster return on your investments. Modular home Whether your projects require single or multi-family homes, or you are building subdivisions or urban embankments, Now is the time to try out a modular home.

What are Modular Homes? Modular homes manufacturing in Malta

Modular homes in Malta are residences that are built in sections or modules in a controlled factory environment and then transported to the construction site where the house will be installed. There they are built on permanent foundations and houses are completed by professional installers. Maltese people, however, have a lot more to love about prefabricated modular homes.

Modular homes in Malta can reduce construction time by more than 45 percent, allowing you to get into your new modular home faster so you can enjoy it for longer. While on-site modular homes can take several weeks to complete, modular homes are assembled on-site and are usually completed within a week.

Modular homes in Malta offer significant price savings that other approaches cannot. Because most modular home constructions can be completed in less time than on-site construction, for example, the cost of intermediate construction financing is significantly reduced or eliminated.

As Karmod, our role as a leading manufacturer in Malta requires us to purchase large quantities of quality modular home building materials – we achieve economies of scale that result in the price savings we pass on to you.

Karmod Modular homes also offer remarkable value. With over 36 years of experience in Malta, you will find our commitment to excellence in every modular home, nail and carpet fiber and in each of our floor plans. Our Modular Homes are professionally designed and built by skilled craftsmen and are constantly inspected to ensure they comply with strict Maltese state and/or local building codes.

Modular construction in Malta is a process, not a style

There is a misconception that the word "modular" means some kind of modular home or building. Modular homes and buildings actually refer to a construction process where large components are created at a manufacturing facility and shipped to the project site. Architecturally, modular construction has few limitations and can be used for a variety of housing styles, modular commercial structures, and multi-family and social housing designs.

Modular building offers significant advantages in Mlata

Karmod has many advantages of building in a controlled environment with a team of skilled craftsmen. Modular Structures are stronger and more durable; Prefabricated building materials and finished modules are protected from weather-related damage that can lead to costly rework; and modules are constantly inspected to ensure quality and that appropriate prefabricated residential or modular commercial building codes are met.

Prefab Modular construction solves on-site problems

With approximately 70 percent of the modular structure completed in Karmod's 31,000 square meter Factory, modular buildings require less on-site inspection and are less exposed to bad weather conditions. Additionally, Modular homes are less likely to theft of materials and vandalism. Fewer subcontractors are required, construction noise is minimal and a lower carbon footprint are just some of the other benefits.

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