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Modular Homes in Syria 

Modular Homes in Syria: Modular homes are homes that are built offsite, in an indoor factory setting, to a local state code. In most cases, Modular homes are residences built in a controlled factory environment in sections, or modules, and then transported to the construction site.Modular Homes of Syria provides affordable, quality, and luxury modular homes. Modular homes, also known as prefab homes Syria, are the new way to build a custom home at an affordable price. Explore manufactured, modular & mobile homes from prefab home builders near you. See the benefits of factory-built housing! Karmod Homes builds a wide variety of affordable modular homes Syria, .We have selected top quality mobile homes from the manufacturer Karmod Prefab Homes. Our experts can help you choose the perfect new mobile home for you.

Prefab COVID-19 modular Hospitals Syria

Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF) is discussing the issue of supplying modular Hospitals Syria and caravans to shelter the Syrian refugees at the Zaatari Refugee Camp located in the border area between Syria and Jordan. The RAF’s plan consists supplying and furnishing modular Hospitals Syria and caravans with all necessary housing requirements to the benefit of Syrian families, in addition to health and toilets facilities for men and woman, mosques, schools, mobile kitchens, and mobile dispensaries.

RAF is also seeking to extend particular attention to health care issue through providing ambulances, modular Hospitals Syria, medical supplies and equipment, in addition to furnishing the caravans with mattresses, blankets, and various requirements of hygiene.

Prefabricated caravans and housing units are ready to use units that can be manufactured quickly and in big quantities responding on time to urgent needs. Karmod that has gained wealth of experience since it was established in 1986 is now one of the world leaders in prefabricated industry with its products exported to more than 120 countries worldwide.

Syria Prefabricated Houses and Refugee Camps

One of the biggest problems caused by the war in Syria, where the pain has not stopped since 2011, is the accommodation of thousands of people who are victims of the war, their ability to receive proper healthcare and education. The war victims living in refugee camps are struggling to live a decent life while dealing with war traumas.

With our building solutions, we have been in many areas as prefabricated houses in worksites in construction sectors and various places as security structures, in cooperation with various non-governmental organizations, we have been contributing to refugee camps where human tragedy is experienced. Syria prefab houses and refugee camps where prefabricated houses are preferred are making life easier for people who live in there. Houses had advantage of fast production and easy installation, allow the production of camp structures that can accommodate thousands of people in a very short time. Camp structures can have every unit that should be in a normal settlement, from hospital to school.

Karmod has a building for every solution in every area. With its wide product range, it provides solutions to the needs in the shortest time and does this in the most economical and quality way.

Atmeh Refugee Camp In Syria

Health units are one of the most need structures in refugee camps. Hospital, health center, polyclinic, surgery areas… Prefabricated building units are one of the most useful structures that can be used fort his need.

One of the Syria prefab houses and refugee camps we contribute with our building is Atmeh Refugee Camp. We established a prefabricated polyclinic building for this camp. The camp host 450 thousand refugees. The completed building is used to provide health services to the people who live in that camp.

The prefabricated polyclinic building that is preferred as a building model, has an area of 218 square  meters. It has an area where 4 different doctors can serve at the same time, and there is also an emergency response room within the building. There is a wc for disabled people too. We produced and installed the structure that will help thousands of people to receive healthcare services in only 12 days.

Prefabricated Houses Are The Most Ideal Type Of Building For Mass Housing

Mass housing are the places where fast production and fast delivery are important. Prefabricated houses, the most preferred building type in such projects allow thousands of people tos tay in camps for long periods of time in just weeks. Houses with demounted features are established in delivery area. For syrian portable cabins, syria prefabricated houses, syria caravans, prefabricated house constructions and other projects from different places, visit our website.

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