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Karmod is a pioneer and leader in the modular housing market in Russia. It is the first and largest company in Russia that started making modular frame houses for year-round use and became a leader in this field. Karmod prefabricated house technology saves resources at every stage of the development and life of the house, shortens the construction period and presses it lightly on the spot. The result is energy efficient, eco-friendly modular homes with minimal impact on the environment.

We believe that Architecture in Russia can change the environment and people and affect the world around us. For us Karmod is a tool and an opportunity to change the world, so it is important for us to create an accessible and mass-produced architectural product that allows us to make large-scale changes.

Modular frame houses for sale in Moscow, Russia

We have created a technology in Russia that allows you to save resources at all stages of the creation and life of Karmod. These prefabricated houses are produced with low energy consumption, the installation technology with minimum harm to the environment and the optimization of all logistics processes, thanks to an energy-efficient design that saves energy during subsequent operations.

Karmod is constantly on the move: we do not stop improving existing models and working on new ones, we are building a structure that can offer a full range of services for the construction, maintenance and equipment of Karmod. If we do not develop for Russia, then we will fail.

Karmod was established in 1986 in Turkey and exports prefabricated modular houses to 132 countries. Modular frame houses produced by Karmod Our modular frame houses were highly appreciated by Russian architects. Karmod's mission was to create an economical and massive architecture and he successfully completed it. In the last 36 years, Karmod has produced and installed more than 40,000 prefabricated houses in and outside of Russia. Karmod team can also custom design a modular prefabricated house to your specifications and have it ready in less than 15 days.

Frame Houses for sale in Siberia Russia

We continue to move forward in Russia, Karmod is constantly growing, developing new prefabricated house models, working on modular structures that can provide full range of construction, maintenance and upgrade services for Karmod.

For 36 years, we have created a new technology that allows you to produce 5 houses in 1 day and install a house in 5 days. 7-10 days and the modular house is ready to move in! Thanks to Advanced Technology, Karmod protects natural resources and your money! Karmod company, which has already completed 500 modular house projects, mostly in Russia, is now receiving high orders for Europe and the United States.

Karmod is a space for open people who like to contemplate and be inspired, who like to share warmth and comfort, who care not only for themselves but also for the environment.

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Time is the most valuable and non-renewable resource in our life. If we do not spend years building prefabricated houses for Russia, then we will have free time that we can spend on something that truly knows how to love and appreciate - family, children, work, travel or hobbies.

"We believe that architecture can change the environment and people and affect the world around us," says Karmod. "Karmod is a tool and an opportunity for us to change Russia and the world, so it is important for us to create an affordable and massive architectural product that allows us to make large-scale changes."

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