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Modular Kitchen & Restaurant

About Our Modular Kitchen & Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens. Every Modular container commercial kitchen and restaurant we manufacture. Build the café or kitchen of your dreams. Modular construction is a great option for modular container restaurants, diners, and other commercial applications and Modular Kitchen & Restaurants or dining facilities are great space solutions for rural areas that need a prefabricated service dinner, Temporary Kitchens- Industry Leader for mobile- modular- trailer kitchen facilities and services- custom designed mobile kitchens- disaster rapid response.

Modular Complexes – Modular Dining Facilities & Kitchens

As the world population increases, the rate of environmental pollution is also increasing. For this reason, efforts are made to increase awareness on environmental pollution, and solutions that help minimize environmental pollution are tried to be found in every area. The construction site is one of the areas where work is done on this subject. Reinforced concrete structures do not only harm the environment as a structure, but also cause environmental pollution during construction. In recent years, the use of steel and prefabricated structures has increased due to the reasons mentioned above. Steel and prefabricated structures are more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. Although they are not preferred as buildings in large-scale projects, many newly developed building types are preferred in daily living areas and buildings that can be used for commercial purposes. Houses, offices, Modular Kitchen & Restaurant, dining rooms, security cabins… They also have many other advantages:

  • They can be manufactured for all kinds of settlement and usage purposes.
  • Since they consist of standard modules, they are installed quickly and practically. When you prefer Karmod for your modular kitchens, you can also choose custom sizing.
  • Because they are flexible, they are resistant to earthquakes and ground slips.
  • They can be manufactured in accordance with all climatic conditions.
  • They have superior properties in terms of sound and heat insulation compared to other structures.
  • They are installed in a short time without destroying and polluting the environment.
  • They can be produced in accordance with the modern and historical texture.
  • They are resistant to fire.
  • They can be disassembled and mounted elsewhere, if desired.
  • They do not require special foundation. Simple ground concrete suitable for the given project is sufficient.

Durable And Efficient modular restaurant and kitchen buildings

As a company that adopts the principle of production that does not harm the environment and human health in all production processes, the compliance of our modern factory facilities with the Environmental Law legislation is approved by the “Environmental Permit Certificate” issued by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

By transferring all the wastes generated in our production facilities to the relevant companies in accordance with the relevant regulation, we contribute to recycling and minimize the damage we cause to the environment.

Innovative Buildings For Transportable Kitchen & Restaurant

Karmod offers innovative buildings for restaurants and dining rooms and developed a creative modular architecture. Temporary Modular Kitchen & Restaurant, dining hall, which can be produced in accordance with modern aesthetic texture, environmentally friendly and economical, can be used in many areas. They are very suitable structures for restaurants and dining rooms, especially construction sites. They are durable Modular Kitchen & Restaurant structures that can be safely preferred in each of the temporary and permanent solutions. A portable kitchen for bunkhouses buildings can save you both budget and time. Never decide without looking at mobile kitchen manufacturer Karmod’s products!

Ideal Structures for Large Construction Projects: Modular Kitchen & Restaurant

In large construction projects that will last for very long periods, there is a need for economical and useful structures that can be built in a very short time for the accommodation and other needs of the personnel to be employed, and can be easily transferred to another area. Prefabricated structures, which have all of these features and more, provide great advantages in large-scale construction projects. One of the most important areas of accommodation units in construction projects is Modular Kitchen & Restaurant. The building quality of the kitchen and dining hall areas, which directly affect human life, is very important.

Thanks to the special painting system used in our buildings, none of our mobile kitchens or other structures create odor and provide a sterile environment. You can also find all areas in the existing dining hall structures in mobile kitchens. Dining hall, cellar, food distribution compartment, WC and washbasin sections, dishwasher… You can choose these areas as a single structure within a section, or you can choose them all in different sections. Depending on the number of personnel to use, they can be single-storey or more. In addition to projecting with standard dimensions, we are also able to measure specifically to the request of our customers.

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