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Modular Office buildings

Karmod modular Building Technologies is a leading Turkish company in the development of stylish modular office buildings and functional temporary accommodation solutions. It exports its innovative and cost-effective commercial modular office buildings all over the world.

We use off-site techniques when we produce our products. We produce all our products in our facilities that have modern technology production systems. In this way, the production of our products is not interrupted by any external factors such as weather conditions or the construction site environment. We adopt the principle of timely production, fast delivery and installation in each of our projects that we contribute to or all of which are carried out by us. In addition to supporting ready-made projects, we also produce ready-to-use Modular offices camp buildings for accommodation.

We overcome traditional building barriers with our modular office buildings. Regardless of weather conditions, lack of technical personnel or obstacles caused by different reinforced concrete structures, we manufacture our products and deliver them to anywhere in the world, disassembled or assembled.

Karmod Modular Office Buildings Are Nature Friendly!

In regions and countries where electricity power lines are not available, Karmod green energy units provide important solutions to the energy problem. The solar energy container system generating green energy is placed as a separate unit next to the Modular office buildings. There are energy generating systems on the unit pole in two different alternatives, namely wind vane and solar panel. It is sufficient to have a sunny or windy weather condition for the unit to produce energy.

In the eco-friendly energy generation system, the energy collected from the wind turbine or solar panel is collected in the battery with a hybrid charge controller. The energy collected in the battery is made available to modular office buildings with the help of an inverter, depending on the need. While illuminating your living space with green energy, you can operate satellite receivers and LED TV, charge notebook and mobile phone, and also use a mini refrigerator.

Green energy environmentalist modular office buildings are expected to be in high demand in some Asian and South American countries, especially in African countries.

Permanent And Temporary Container Office Buildings

Karmod Prefabricated produces commercial modular office buildings. Our containers have many advantages such as sandwich panel wall and roof system, fully screwed and interlocking structure model, pvc double glazed windows, easy-to-carry demounting feature. With these advantages, it can be safely preferred not only for temporary solutions but also for permanent solutions. They are long-lasting, earthquake-resistant structures that reduce energy costs with high insulation.

Modular office buildings, which can be used as much as worker camps and hospitals, can also be used in school camp buildings in the education sector. For example, as Karmod, we produce school buildings in European countries. We completed Simone Veil school in just 40 days in France with our New Generation Container model. We have completed another project in Malta. We established 8-classroom school buildings in the Claire College in Zejtun city of the Republic of Malta, an island country in the south of Italy in the Mediterranean. We delivered the school project in a short time of 13 days with the advantage of having the latest technology production facilities with superior features. Container school buildings are 2 blocks and each has a size of 193 square meters.

We are proud to carry our quality to the whole world with our modular office buildings, which are earthquake resistant, have long life, excellent snow load and wind speed values, can be used in all seasonal conditions, have high heat insulation, fast production, fast delivery and fast installation. Choose Karmod buildings, have structures at international standards of quality, and a product of 36 years of experience and expert teams.

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