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Modular Security building

Karmod offers office trailers, storage containers and other mobile office options to help public safety and security teams keep people safe. Karmod’s Interior & Exterior Modular Security Buildings, Booths, Guard Shelters, Control Rooms, Operator Cabs, Ticket Booths – shipped fully assembled. Guard Shack Features · Designed to withstand up to 130 mph wind loads · Guard Shacks are custom built to suit your specific application. Long-lasting Guard Booth – Karmod Fabrication offers guard booths, security booths, prefab guard shacks, Modular Security guardhouses and guard shacks are a great addition for businesses that give them security and peace of mind.

Modular Security building – Perfect solution for all needs

Karmod Modular Security Building Technologies merges new technologies with practicality to bring you new and innovative solutions in this constantly evolving world. From Modular Security buildings and commercial container buildings to prefab school projects and, we provide turnkey solutions to your complicated problems. As Karmod Modular Security Building Technologies, we attach importance to constant developing to keep up with the pace of continually upgraded new technologies.

To do that, we research new technologies and implement them in our work with our research and development team so that we can provide much better service on a larger scale. With our 35 years of experience in this industry, we give space to new ideas and modernization in our workplace to increase our efficiency.

We know the hardships of starting a large-scale project like a construction project or setting up a military camp, so we provide products that are in line with your requirements. If extra security or durability is required in heavy-duty projects like military camps, we can add extra sturdiness or anything else in our guard shacks or Modular security buildings to meet your demands. All of our products are relatively cheaper than their competitors in the market.

They are also very practical compared to permanent concrete structures as they can be easily moved or removed. Also, they are especially made to be very sturdy in general and even if the place you want them to be deployed has a very harsh environment, they can withstand easily whether it is a natural disaster, harsh weather or anything else. The level of sturdiness is solely depends on your choice.

Modular Security building & Security Guard Buildings

Turnstile shelters are special security structures that can be used in addition to Modular Security Buildings, and are portable and modular like prefabricated security houses. Adding modular security systems to the entrance and exit of the facility is the ideal solution for companies. Modular structures can be used in more than one sector. Today, almost every facility from a hospital to a shopping center needs security. Modular Security Buildings, meet these needs in terms of security, but modular security systems are added in addition to some facilities. Turnstile shelters not only help protect your investment, but also ensure the best control of your entrances and exits. Access control system speeds up the workflow in your facility. As it provides security in the best way, it prevents your visitors from wasting time in entrance and exit.

Fully Equipped Modular Security Buildings

Built in an addition to guard houses, Modular Security building help you improve your access control system. A guard booth can keep you safe in the surrounding area. You can even watch it remotely, day or night, thanks to its security cameras. But Modular Security Buildings, lets you control every entrance and every exit.

It does not provide any other entrance and exit opportunity to your facility. The shelters can help your safety in other matters too. If a malicious person tries to climb into your facility, it will prevent it. It also allows you to be aware of all unauthorized access with the alarm system you can install in it.

The shelters can be modified according to your needs in terms of design and safety. It can be equipped with durable glass to increase safety if required. This prevents someone who wants to enter without permission from passing over or under the shelter. With its long-lasting and impressive design, modular security systems are produced to be resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. You can make changes in the design according to your wishes and design according to your own taste. Modular Security Systems Fiberglass Building with Tandem Turnstiles is the perfect solution for any business.

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