Modular Temporary Housing – Modular Buildings For Workforce Housing

Modular Workforce Accommodations

Karmod prefabricated modular workforce accommodations buildings offer you modular buildings of superior quality, far above industry standards. If you want different, high quality buildings for your employees and special teams, Karmod is the most economical and high quality structures to meet your needs. Comfort beyond your imagination! Do you have a project in a remote area where housing and various construction site needs for your employees must be met? Invest in the comfort of your teams and stay on top of your budget by choosing one of our modular workforce accommodations solutions.

Customized Modular Workforce Accommodation and Housing Camps

Karmod prefabricated modular workforce accommodations camps have the advantage of being built in a factory environment. In this way, it contributes to the completion of projects in a much easier and economical way in areas where the transportation of materials is extremely difficult and requires long periods, weather conditions are difficult and manpower is also limited. This type of staff and labor accommodation units can save you time and money in your project.

Whether your camps are permanent or temporary, Karmod modular buildings offer you wokforce accommodations camps with more than just dormitories or dining halls.

  • Prefab modular sleeping accommodations
  • Prefab modular kitchen and diners
  • Prefab washcars
  • Prefab modular recreational facilities
  • Prefab modular administrative building
  • Prefab modular laboratory
  • Prefab modular conference room
  • Prefab modular locker room / mine dry

Our modular workforce housing solutions have the quality and efficiency that can be used safely in every project, regardless of project size and in all seasons. Since 1986, we have contributed by participating in the projects of many leading companies in dozens of countries from all over the world. Your staff and labor accommodation units offers you the most suitable solution for your project, as a product of over 30 years of experience. We offer you a comfort beyond your expectations.

Modular Buildings & Site Offices and Workforce Accommodation

In the fast atmosphere of construction projects competing with time, the durability of the buildings used in workers and labor camps to be used by all personnel is very important. In the project, the areas where the managers who are focused on completing the work on time, under stress, the technical team such as architects, engineers and the employees who put their physical strength to the maximum support to this team are accommodated, eat, sleep and rest should be useful, healthy and durable in every way.

With the awareness of responsibility required by this importance, we have been supporting the world’s leading projects with products like our prefabricated labor camps since 1986, and delivering them ready to use. Prefab worker buildings can be designed as single-storey or two-storey in desired size and according to the number of people to be accommodated. They are produced as disassembled and easy to transport in the technological fast production system.

Karmod works with well-organized and expert teams from production to installation. The teams working for your project by considering the number of personnel who will take part in the project and all other factors, offer you the appropriate structures for your project. One of the most important criteria for the buildings used in Modular wokforce accommodations camps is the economy of the buildings. While Karmod offers you the most efficient and most suitable solution for your project and your employees, it also considers your budget and helps you in the most economical way.

Choose Karmod structures for prefabricated modular workforce accommodations solutionsproduced in international standards, offering economical, useful, safest working and accommodation areas for you and your employees in all seasons and conditions in your project. While saving time and money, complete your project in the most proper and timely manner with your teams working in comfortable and safe working environments that increase productivity.

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