Off-site construction advantages and disadvantages

Off-site Modular Construction

Work sites are hard work areas. If a work site area needs to be established, especially in very remote areas, off-site modular construction must have certain features. For example, they must be suitable for harsh seasonal conditions, they must be healthy and comfortable living spaces for the accommodation staff in very hot summer or very cold winter. At the same time, since they are structures to be used temporarily, they must be portable, fast-produced and easy-to-install structures. The most suitable structures for these features are modular structures.

Modular structures are produced in the factory, their production is completed in a very short time and they are easy to install. Off-site modular constructions that take months with reinforced concrete structures can be produced and installed with modular structures in just weeks. At the same time, modular structures are much more economical than reinforced concrete structures. While you save more time with the structures produced in a short time, you also save your budget.

We offer different container types from office to work site buildings solutions

The most preferred structures for Off-site modular construction are prefabricated and container structures. Although the materials used in exterior designs differ, both structures can be used for work sites. Prefabricated buildings are mostly preferred for buildings such as single-storey and two-storey houses, dormitories, offices, security houses, while containers can be preferred for buildings such as offices, dormitories, dining halls, recreation areas in construction sites.

As Karmod, we offer different container types from office to Off-site modular construction solutions. We can produce containers types according to different dimensions and plans, wall panel structure, functional usage and as demountable or ready structure.

Combining Offsite and Site Construction

Many structures are needed for work sites. Dining halls, dormitories, offices, work offices, laboratories, portable WCs and showers, large kitchens, waste containers (in some cases), safety cabinets… Industry and building experience, expert teams and high quality materials are required. As a company that has been in the industry for 35 years, we know what you need. We evaluate your problems, needs and wishes together and design the most suitable solution for you. Not only when you order, but also when using our products, we are with you with our after-sales teams. The best companies in the world prefer Karmod products for their Off-site modular construction. You can view our references, projects and products in detail on our website. We will be happy to inform you in detail.

Quickly manufactured and easy to install work site buildings

We design and manufacture prefabricated and container Off-site modular construction according to your needs and wishes. Each of our products has fast production and easy installation. With our new generation container technology, we install all our container structures in just 4 steps and deliver them to you. With the experience and success of successfully completing dozens of important projects so far, we produce high quality and useful structures for your projects, as well as providing consultancy services for your projects.

Prefab, Modular, and Off-Site Construction

All the features required for a building, from dining halls to dormitories, are available in Karmod products. We use automotive technology in our buildings. Thus, we produce both aesthetic appearances and sterile living spaces. Thanks to the guarantee of low maintenance costs, you can have the opportunity to allocate more time and budget to your project instead of dealing with the maintenance of buildings at short intervals. Karmod Off-site modular construction are also easy to clean.

If you need Off-site modular construction for your construction projects in remote areas, contact us now, we will design the most economical, most comfortable and useful buildings for you and deliver them to you within the time you want!

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