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Modular Construction in the Oil and Gas Industry

Our prefab modular buildings are both versatile and crane-liftable. This makes them an excellent option for clients within modular Construction in the petrochemical & oil and gas industry who require economical structures fast. Also, our multi-story control rooms help save floor space.
At Karmod, we work with a variety of professionals to design prefab modular buildings that are both aesthetic and functional, allowing our clients within this industry to create safe and efficient workplaces that adhere to stringent regulations. Modular Construction we manufacture include:

The Many Benefits of Modular Fabrication for Oil and Gas

With collective experience in modular buildings industry and constant search for improvement, Karmod Modular Construction In Oil and Gas Technologies become one of the best prefabricated building providers available in the industry. Since 1986, we have been helping to realize countless projects and providing high-quality, cost-effective portable accommodation services to those who are searching for modern accommodation solutions.

As Karmod Modular Construction In Oil and Gas Technologies, we implement latest technologies in our works and constantly improve our catalogue of products. We attach great importance to the production of prefabricated panels, which are the core of most of our products, to maintain high-quality from the core of our products. From modular office buildings for easy construction projects management and site accommodation services for other on site services to Modular Construction In Oil and Gas and container restaurants, all of our products contain the basic features of modular buildings but designed to provide much more. All of them are portable, practical, durable, customizable and cost-efficient at the same time.

Modular construction for harsh climates – Oil and Gas

Meaning, they can be transferred from one place to another even in the middle of the project with/without the need for deinstallation, they are considerably practical compared to any kind of practical buildings because of their matching quality and portability, they can withstand many harsh environmental or man-made disasters or occupy really dangerous places, like war-zones, if delivered with extra durability option, they can have their entire interior, exterior, floor, roof or any other part completely changed depending on what you want and still be considerably affordable as they require one-time payment and no other extra tools or people to install compared to other prefabricated buildings that is present in the current market.

 Oil and Gas – Modular Building Construction Companies

Modular Construction In Oil and Gas production facilities are usually built in a private area away from city centers. Sometimes the environment after it was built consists of harsh environmental conditions, and this is a natural phenomenon. It is not possible to choose a location in production facilities obtained from natural resources. Especially in facilities built on islands or near coastal areas, dwellings for workforce cannot be expected to be nearby. In addition, it is difficult to provide logistics in these areas. This makes any construction project extremely difficult. Primitive buildings or tents were used as a traditional method. However, in today’s conditions, such stays are out of the question. Another method used is to invest in the closest settlement. The disadvantage of this option is that it disrupts the sociological structure of residential areas. Also, it may not always be very close to the settlement. Therefore, a lot of time is lost while traveling. commercial and Prefab modular construction and Modular Construction In Oil and Gas is emerging as a modern solution. 

Modular Construction in Petrochemical & Oil and Gas Industry

Worker camps are a method used in many industries except oil and gas facilities and Modular Construction In Oil and Gas Projects . Especially with the development of the construction industry, camps are being built on construction sites in remote areas. The reason why prefabricated buildings are primarily used in the construction industry is that they are portable. Because construction projects are usually temporary and the ability to move buildings to a different location after the project is over is a great advantage. With the development of the possibilities of the camps in time, its use in oil and gas facilities has become widespread. Prefabricated offices and worker camps increase the productivity of the workforce while providing a comfortable accommodation experience. It has all the features a labor camp needs and can be equipped with all kinds of technological equipment. Prefabricated modular building from offices to doctors surgeries, boardrooms to showrooms are the most efficient solution for you.

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