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Oil and Gas Man Camps

Karmod modular camp buildings, the leader in oilfield lodging & housing has the right options, amenities and access to the housing you want at an affordable price and Prefab Modular Camp Buildings manufactures modular man camp buildings for oil field man camps and Modular Work Force Housing. Workforce Building Solution! Modular Man Camps,
Since the beginning of the 20th century, temporary work camps have played a pivotal role in the mining of World energy resources. These field Oil and Gas Man Camps, otherwise known as man camp housing, provide remote living accommodations to workforces of all sizes on temporary drilling and extraction sites.
Oil and Gas Man Camps are becoming commonplace in remote areas for employees who work hard days to provide oil to their countrymen. As competition rises for the best workers, oil companies are finding it necessary to provide luxuries as well as necessities to lure them in. Oil and Gas Man camps are becoming more than just housing;

Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing

Karmod Prefabricated Man camp Technologies seek beauty and implement practicality in all of their works. As Karmod Oil and Gas Man Camps Technologies, we acknowledge serving wide variety of products as the combination of beauty and practicality combined. Having more than these features in these products verifies that we aim to do much more. We constantly advance and innovate thanks to the sheer determination we have to offer much better service to our clients. Realizing many projects, operations and providing happiness to countless families, we love what we do. We have achieved these goals thanks to our team of experts who has their each profession individually. As Karmod Modular Oil and Gas Man Camps Technologies, we also consider all kinds of humanist approaches and Professional measures. We respect all communities that our work is placed in. With satisfaction of our customers and our passion of doing what we do, we work hard and gain more popularity over time because of our quality service.

Our Gas and Oil Field Work Camps are Suitable for Your Project

We provide modular camping services to companies operating oil refineries for oil and gas extraction. Karmod gas and oil field work modular camps can be used in all oil and gas extraction processes. Areas with oil and gas fields often require remote accommodation. Oil field residences are custom structures designed to accommodate the growing workforce of companies specializing in Oil and Gas Man Camps development. As new drilling technologies create new jobs in oil exploration and extraction, the needs of oilfield workers are increasing. Population density is increasing in settlements in areas close to the oilfield, and this becomes a problem for both workers and residents. Over time, the problem of accommodation in living areas close to the oil field becomes a regional problem. Workers have difficulty in sheltering and this situation considerably reduces the quality of work.

Modular Man Camp Housing Oil Field Camp

When starting an oil operation, even if you do fly-in, fly-outs, comfort of the workforce’s can drastically influence operation’s process. In order for your project to develop in the correct way, you have to consider your workforce’s happiness. That is why, as Karmod modular Structures, we offer the best solutions for your accommodation problems. Our gas and oil field work camps containers are made with the best materials. They are portable, meaning they can be moved, configured and customized on demand. They are also very cost-effective and can prevent high expenses that can be a problem in the middle of the projects.

We support our products during their lifetime. Ranging from WC containers and guard shacks to container restaurants, our gas and oil field work camps can come with various types of our other products for your employees’ accommodation and comfort. Karmod Gas and Oil Field Work Camps is also known for their isolation feature. Each and every on site products we have keeps the cold out during cold weathers.

Accommodate Any Size Work Force with Man Camp Housing

They are also popular for being very sturdy in any environment they occupy. Thanks to our logistics having the latest technology and extensive experience with oil and gas projects, we provide fully durable portable man camp accommodation. From natural disasters to other kind of disasters, our portable accommodations are made especially durable to these kind of situations without requiring any long-term infrastructure. By contacting and telling us what exactly you need, we can prepare and deploy suitable buildings to the desired locations as they can be transferred via truck, rail or ship and configure, install them on the site you desire with our team of designers and engineers stationed there to help you. We guarantee that we can provide what you need from an gas and oil field work camp and provide full support for it.

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