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OilField Workforce Housing

Man Camps and Oilfield Workforce Housing for the oilfield industry offer temporary housing solutions for oil field housing. We are Turkey leader in Workforce Housing & Oilfield Homes. Oil Field Housing is a special type of prefab modular structure designed to meet the growing need of workforce housing for companies that specialize in oil field housing and Whether we’re providing housing for oil field workers in a major play, or building temporary apartments in the bustle of an Olympic village

As the need for eco-friendly, economically priced and recyclable buildings increases, the demand for Oilfield Workforce Housing and modular buildings also increases. Nature-friendly and long-lasting structures are preferred in many areas from accommodation buildings in construction sites to living spaces. Economically priced structures can also be produced and assembled in a very short time. Karmod products are delivered to our customers after strict controls. Each building is carefully designed and produced. Container and prefabricated structures are preferred with their many advantages in remote mining Man camp housing projects.

Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Workforce Housing

Oilfield Workforce Housing and Modular buildings are the most efficient and compatible choice in projects where conditions are challenging. Economically, it saves you from great costs compared to other traditional building types. They are cost-effective solutions. Also, when the construction camps are desired to be expanded in the later stages of the project, the accommodation units can be easily expanded with these structures.

The most preferred type of building in these projects is prefabricated and container structures. Because the production time of prefabricated and container structures is very short and it is a great advantage to be produced in the factory. You do not have to wait for weather conditions or deal with the impact of different external factors on your construction. Since they are produced with a weldingless system, you can install them elsewhere at any time.

The Choice Of Oil And Gas Construction Companies, Karmod

Oil and gas construction companies, which are experts in their field around the world, have preferred Karmod for 35 years. Karmod produces modular flat-pack stacked units office building for remote mining camp projects. Our multi-purpose structures that we produce for all kinds of camps can be transported anywhere in the world by sea, land and air.

In oil and gas sectors, oil ındustry and mining camps require many different structures. The Oilfield Workforce Camp Housing for construction companies we produce can include:

  • Kitchen complexes such as dining halls, dishwashers
  • Administrative offices such as administration, study, meeting rooms
  • Accommodation units such as dormitories, changing rooms

Temporary Workforce Housing & Oil Field Man Camp Housing

Karmod makes a significant contribution to the timely completion of projects with the building solutions it offers to the accommodation needs of large Oilfield Workforce Camp Housing projects that are competing rapidly. We offer many alternative camp structure solutions depending on the size of the project. Along with the building groups, unplanned needs at the construction site are among our solutions. From this point of view, high quality innovative buildings with all kinds of possibilities from A to Z are being prepared for construction site projects from installation to use. For example, we also provide project-specific supply in details such as the construction site bunk, locker, air conditioning, which are required in construction site environments.

Oil Field Man Camp Housing – In the World Built Mobile Homes

Experience is a key concept in every industry. No matter how good opportunities you have, experience changes everything. Even a quality structure may not always be the best solution for you. As a company that has been in the sector for 36 years, Karmod has worked with different institutions from private to public and non-governmental organizations in many different sectors. While producing the highest quality structures for your projects, it also produces the best quality solution for you. With the knowledge and experience we have, from customs and transportation affairs to all processes required for the project, we ensure that you have a smooth project process. In terms of price, we are in an effort to deliver our buildings with superior quality at the best price. From remote mining camp projects to gas camp projects, you can take a look at all the projects we contribute to on our website.

Modular camps (referred to as modular buildings, Flat Pack Container ( trailer units ) Oilfield Workforce Housing, construction camps or KARMOD CAMPS,) are manufactured off-site and transported to any remote location when ready for installation. As conditions can sometimes be extreme and remote, modular camps are a cost-effective solution.

Oilfield trailer houses floor plans for workforce housing

The advantages of using modular construction reduces site disruption and environmental impact, increases mobility and flexibility. Our Oilfield Workforce Camp Housing can also be re-used and expanded to any scale desired.

Karmod designs, manufactures and installs complete modular work camps for remote sites. Our man camp housing can be shipped by ocean, rail or road, anywhere. We supply full workforce modular man camp housing solutions including:

•Turn Key remote housing from 10 to 5,000+ people
•Kitchen complexes
•Administrative offices
•Construction workforce camps
•Management Quarters “Office Buildings”

Why Karmod Buildings?

Modular Flat-pack Stacked Units  Office Building

• We have experience in housing design and construction industry since 1986
• We know the oil and gas business as we already undertook many projects with companies in this sector
• We are a Turkey based company
• knowledge of customs/transport distribution requirements
• Competitive pricing

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