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Oil & Gas Buildings

From temporary building solutions and prefab orcontainer homes to permanent, one or multi-story office buildings, Karmod provides modular buildings, portable offices, workforce housing and site construction housing for labor camp construction around the world. Move forward your business with speed and safely with Karmod. Prefabricated modular accommodation camps for oil  and gas  buildings and energy industries facilities are produced by Karmod prefabricated building technologies with unparalleled experience in designing and building drilling and mining camps.

Prefab Modular Buildings for the Oil & Gas Sector

Karmod can provide the oil, gas and energy industries to workforce housing and labor campthat range from as little as 5 member drill camps to large labor camps of over 1,000 members in even the most remote areas of the world. We manage your oil  and gas buildings and energy industries facilities project including all services from design and manufacturing to logistical delivery and site completion. As Karmod prefabricated building technologies, in our prefabricated modular accommodation camps that ensures our clients receive a high-quality product, on time and at affordable budget, we apply international building standards.

Oil & Gas Industry | Shelter Works Fiberglass Shelters

We have been involved in different energy, natural gas and mining projects in many places around the world. For example, we carried out a mining campo project in the city of Tureyf near the Jordan border. Within the scope of the project, we delivered 11 custom modular buildings, which we pre-produced in our facilities equipped with state-of-the-art production systems, in a short period of 1 month, ready to use at the camp site. The total size of the buildings we have produced for the project is 5 thousand 277 square meters and their service life is 25 years with a capacity of 500 people.

Oil and Gas Buildings – Permanent or Temporary Prefab Buildings

Along with oil and gas exploration, Karmod prefabricated labor camp production includes all of the necessary buildings from offices to dormitories in extraction sites. Among the structures produced by Karmod for gas & oil buildings industry and mining camps projects with its prefabricated or New Generation Container model are:

  • Management And Technical Offices,
  • Dormitory And Dining Hall Buildings,
  • İnfirmary And Health Facility,
  • Laboratory And Education Buildings,
  • Place Of Worship,
  • Canteens And Recreation Areas,
  • Laundry,
  • Cellar

Gas and Oil Modular Buildings and Oilfield Industry Steel Buildings

With our Oil & Natural Gas Buildings group, we are establishing construction sites for oil and natural gas facilities, which are at the forefront of today’s energy use. Our structures are prepared by considering the long-term use of the teams that carry out oil and gas exploration studies and all personnel who will take part in continuous raw material extraction and processing after the reserve is found. With our expertise in Oil & Natural Gas buildings, as Karmod, we develop industry-specific solutions. Generally, pertol and gas exploration, which continue in difficult areas, and the removal activities after detection require long and tiring work. The basic quality axis of the construction site campus structures to be established is the accommodation of the managers, engineers and other technical teams who took part in these works in good conditions despite the difficult field conditions.

Oil and Gas Metal Buildings and Structural Steel Oil & Gas Facilities

Karmod construction site buildings, produced for oil gas building energy industries facilities, provide home comfort to the personnel working in difficult field conditions with their superiority such as sandwich panel system, insulation difference, detail solutions and comfort. It helps them make a fresh start to the day after a tiring day.

Pre-produced, our modular buildings are easily shipped all over the world at international shipping standards and installed on site. We work closely with our customers from the very first stages of their projects in order to prevent all project planning and possible problems that may be encountered in the future. We think carefully on each stage and decide together with our expert teams for the most appropriate solution. Visit our web site to look our modular buildings plan examples produced for oil, gas & energy industries.

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