Oil and Gas Projects in Kazakhstan and modular Construction

Oil and Gas Projects in Kazakhstan

Modular Camp Construction with Containerized Units / Kazakhstan, Being a global brand and a leading company in its sector, Karmod delivers its buildings all over the world. Among the product groups that have a wide range of products, there are prefabricated site buildings, Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Projects mobile WC and shower solutions, modular cabins, container structures. Buildings with high quality are also very economical with their prices. Karmod prefabricated site buildings are the choice of big projects and the best companies all over the world with their technological and fast production, installation in a short time and after-sales service privileges. Our construction site structures, which are in the long-lasting structure class, are disassembled and easy to assemble. When your current project is completed, you can easily transfer it to new projects in different areas.

Oil And Gas Prefabricated Site Buildings In Kazakhstan

Karmod Prefabrik continues to be a solution partner for the construction and energy sectors. One of the dozens of projects we have completed all over the world is oil and gas prefabricated site buildings in Kazakhstan. Karmod a global brand and a leader in its sector, has completed and delivered a prefabricated building complex that will be used as working offices at the oil and gas extraction work site in Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Projects . Within the scope of the project undertaken by LLP CONS, Karmod took part in the Caspian oil exploration and extraction project with its construction site buildings.

Karmod was preferred for the Kazakhstan Oil and Gas Projects to be used as a work office at the oil and gas extraction site in Kazakhstan. In the construction project located on the Caspian Sea coast in Aktau, a total of 1680 m2 closed area, including four single-storey prefabricated units and one double-storey central administration office, was used. The production of the buildings, which consist of 5 buildings in total and have an area of ​​1680 square meters, was completed in just 2 months. Delivered ready to use with on-site installation.

Our buildings, which can be used as construction sites, can be used in many different areas from education buildings to healthcare buildings. Our prefabricated modular site buildings can be produced in sandwich panel system (sheet – styrofoam – sheet metal) or fibercement press wall panels according to the preferences of our customers. It can be designed and produced in the desired size according to the installation location and the number of users in single-storey or two-storey plans and can be delivered to anywhere in the world.

For safe and fast production at international living standards, the world’s choice is Karmod

Wherever you are in the world, with the advantages of fast production and easy assembly, we deliver our structures suitable for all climatic conditions and long-lasting in a very short time. Our products, which you can choose sandwich panel or fibercement press panel system buildings, are very safe and durable structures that can be easily disassembled and installed, easy to move, lightweight structures. Thanks to their high isolation, they increase work efficiency. Thanks to their special production, oil gas prefabricated buildings can be used for long periods without requiring maintenance costs.

One of the projects we have realized other than construction sites is the Congo mass housing project. In just 3 months, we delivered a total of 900 houses to Congo. The structures we produced for the Democratic Republic of Congo, located in the middle of the African continent, provided great advantages with easy transportation and easy installation facilities in the region where facilities are costly and limited. The project was completed in three stages. In the first stage, 300 single-storey houses and 100 two-storey houses were produced. The same production numbers were repeated in the second and third stages, reaching a total of 900 pieces. Both single-storey and two-storey buildings were preferred in the buildings. In single-storey houses, 51 square meters in size, 2 + 1 plan and 91 square meters plan was preferred in two storey houses.

Do not decide without looking at Karmod for long-lasting structures that are suitable for your budget, durable and can be used in all seasons. You can access all of our prefabricated site buildings and other product groups on our website.

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