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Oilfield Housing 

Karmod is a world brand in producing oilfield housing units. The company that has 36 years experience has carried out hundreds of project. Man Camps and Workforce Housing for the oilfield industry offer temporary housing solutions for oil field housing. OILFIELD COMPANIES – We manufacture a complete lineup of oilfield man camps, oilfield housing, oil field offices, , washrooms, executive oilfield housing, bunk houses, , laundry rooms. Please call now to discuss your needs!s. Among these projects there are prefab steel houses, container houses, oilfield housing andman campsaccommodation containermobile container showersmobile container toiletsworkforce camp accommodations, portable cabins and so many modular buildings. These modular buildings can be used for construction sites, hospitals, schools, parks, parking lots, canteens and kitchens, first aid station, recreational facilities, etc for multipurposes. They are the best alternatives for traditional construction methods. There are so many disadvantages of the traditional construction methods.

Essentials to Bring When Living in Oilfield Housing

  • Very long-continued constructions periods
  • Surprising and high costs
  • Not being portable Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing
  • Hard construction processes
  • Big differences between the plan in theory and practical application
  • Damage the environment during both costruction and using.

There are too many disadvantages of the traditional construction methodsthat cannot be counted. Because of these reasons, modular buildings have been developed.  Oilfield housing and Man camps established in remote areas should have some features. For example they should be portable but also durable. Even though they are not used permanently they should be enduring for use in all seasons and all conditions. The other feature that should be in workforce camp accommodations is being economic. Modular buildings are manufacturing in factory environment. Waste of raw materials and therefore usage is less than reinforced structures. Labor is also less in the production of Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing . For these reasons, cost is less in these buildings. So they can be sold for less costs. 

Oilfield housing industry man camps offer no-stress living

As Karmod we design, produce and install workforce housing units all over the world. Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing , mining housing and other camps that are installed in remote areas are one of the fields of activity of Karmod. From a to z, we produce all needs for the oilfield housing andman camps. Our work camps can have:

  • Sterile dining halls
  • Sterile kitchens
  • Dormitories
  • Canteens
  • Prefab/ container offices
  • Rest areas
  • Work areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Security cabins
  • Portable and steril toilets and showers and all you need…

Karmod Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing units can be used securely. Because all of our products are environmentally friendly and durable. They are both environment and human health friendly. While you are using our buildings you do not harm your health or the environment.  You can use them for long periods of work without maintenance cost for a long time. We use excellent paint system in our products that can provide an appearance like a first day of a building for a long time. This paint system is used in automotives.

Modular Man Camp Oil Field Housing Trailers For Sale

Living areas are very important for everyone. If your living area is comfortable and spacious you can rest well and than after you wake up and start a day you can work more efficiently. Man camps are the places where so many people live for a while and work. If the workforce accommodations that are used in work camps are durable, safe and comfortable, the staff can work all the better. Fort his reason you should choose your oilfield housing andman camps buildings attentively.

With more than 36 years of experience, Karmod offers its customers the best and most economical solutions in workforce camp housing. It makes special projects for every need with the buildings that can be customized for each project. Because Karmod knows that the needs of each Oil Field Housing & Man Camp Housing will differ according to the region and the sector. Tell us about your projects in detail. Let us offer you the best quality and most suitable project at the most economical prices.

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In order to serve you better, if you could kindly send an e-mail to info@karmod.com for questions and details about your theoretical and special architectural plans, projects, and product specifications, your request will be responded to as soon as possible.

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