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Portable Parking booths are a great solution for hospitals, sports facilities, parks, hotels or other venues that need to monitor the flow of traffic entering and exiting their property. They provide instant shelter for attendants and equipment involved in revenue collection or other parking booth functions.
Portable Parking booths from Karmod can accommodate one attendant for small lots or toll booth plazas for more complex applications. Adding a parking attendant booth provides an extra dimension of customer service to your company that you did not even know you needed. Karmod provides a modular parking booths, Portable Parking Attendant Booth. Our parking booths are for sale, and are all Prefab Parking booths.

Parking Attendant Booths and Allied Modular Building Systems

Parking Attendant booths are structures that can be used for different purposes in many places.
They can be generally in the form of prefabricated or container structures, but they can also be preferred as reinforced concrete too. We can see that they are used in many different ways around the world, such asPortable parking boothssecurity boothsgas station kioskstoll booths.

One of the places where these products are used most is parking booths. Parking lots need security and staff who can take care of the parking lot in general, as they are open all day, every day of the week. Small, useful business areas are built for the business life of these personnel. These work areas must be ergonomic for the personnel working in the first place to work safely and efficiently. These areas should be spacious areas so that the working personnel are physically and psychologically comfortable.

At the same time, since these parking attendant booths are structures that should be used in all seasons, they must have both high insulation and durability. Indurable structures can easily rot, leak water, or be damaged easily. Although reinforced concrete systems are preferred for these structures, in fact, reinforced concrete structures are not very suitable for this use. First of all, construction times are very long. Because they are not portable, they can cause certain obstacles.

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The most useful structures for parking booths are manufactured and modular structures. Because these structures are very economical with their dozens of structural advantages. The location of the structures, which are very useful with their portable structures for parking areas, can be easily changed when desired. Construction times are very short.

As Karmod, we deliver our products to all over the world with fast and reliable delivery. Providing insulation in reinforced concrete structures is much more costly than modular structures. However, thanks to the quality panels used in manufactured or modular structures produced in the factory environment, insulation is provided at much lower costs in these structures. Cleaning of your Karmod booth product is very easy thanks to its washable and wipeable strutuctures.

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We Produce Booths You Can Use Anywhere You Want
We are in an age of speed. As Karmod, we closely follow every innovation in order to keep up with the requirements of this age. We always renew our production systems to adapt to these innovations. Together with our expert teams, we are always trying to produce modern and extremely useful structures by combining the requirements of the sector with our principle of being innovative. We send our products to more than 130 countries. One of our products is booths, preferred by many important organizations from the most famous football clubs to the most important construction companies around the world. They can be used everywhere as access control point booth, valet booth for sale, parking attendant booth , promotional booths, parking booths.

Thanks to modern production systems, long-lasting structures that provide high heat and sound insulation are the best alternative to structures produced by traditional methods with each feature they have. When you want to change the location of the booth in business areas for any reason, you can easily do this thanks to the portable structures. You can move easily with a crane or forklift. You can even manually change the location of products that have a smaller area according to the sizing. One of the most important advantages of this booth is that they are economical. You can buy much higher quality pructs for much lower costs.

Contact Karmod officials for parking boothsguard shack, prefabricated ticket booth, parking lot cashier booth and more in the size and design you want.

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