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Made in Turkey. Which is prepared with superior qualities in product development processes. The ergonomics that provide comfort to the wearers and the aesthetic appearance of the place where it is placed are immediately recognized by numerous unique advantages.Polyester Security Cabin manufactured from GRP Polyester cabins composite, with multi-purpose security huts and cabins, security gatehouses, Ticket offices, Car park control kiosks, enclosures, and waiting/payment shelters.

Our GRP Polyester Cabins are robust and secure, as well as providing a well-insulated and well-ventilated working environment that stays comfortable all year round. Polyester GRP Security cabins are fitted with UPVC glazed windows for all-around visibility. portable Security cabins can be fitted for enhanced protection and we can also feature a built-in hatch and counter for efficient processing of visitors or deliveries to your site. Can be manufactured in any customized color.

FRP Portable Cabin Manufacturer

Modern Prefab Polyester Cabins That Look Stunning 2022 EditionKarmod Polyester Cabins are designed to meet people needs such as security guard kiosks, offices, portable toilets, portable bathrooms and Fiberglass (GRP) and sandwich panel cabins, used as security cabins, modular sales kiosk at air ports, hospitals or information cabins, polyester sales cabin, orking office buildings.

Modular system polyester cabins, such as sandwich panels cabin or polyester cabins, are useful structures that are used in all areas of our lives now. Polyester Cabin prices are much more economical compared to buildings built with traditional methods. The times between the order and the start of use are very short. If the requested company works with the stock system, this period will be shorter. Karmod, one of the best cabin manufacturers in the world, produces high quality and useful work and living spaces all over the world with its polyester portable cabins.

Portable Cabins and Polyester Cabins Online at Best Price in Turkey

Polyester cabin is a type of portable cabin produced from glass fiber reinforced fiberglass (GRP) polyester material. The usage area of ​​our polyester cabin products is also very wide. Our cabin is preferred with its quality and reasonable price in many areas such as security cabin, earthquake cabin, shower cabin, mobile toilets and showers, newsagent, greengrocer, market, kiosk, changing room cabinshop cabins, construction site and office.

It can produce a wide range of standard cabinets in different sizes from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm. One of the biggest differences of Karmod polyester cabins from their competitors is that they add aesthetics to their location. You can safely choose Karmod cabins from modern areas. Thanks to the special automotive paint systems we use in our cabins, they preserve the first day brightness of the booths for a very long time. At the same time, they do not cause odor and bad odor formation is prevented.

Custom designed cabins manufactured with structural insulated panels

Our production technology is a unique system in the world. Our Polyester cabins, which are produced with special automation technology with 50 degree baking, are the product of superior technology. Polyurethane, which forms the panel of our cabins, increases the durability and insulation with its reinforced foam polyester layer. Excellent durability and insulation is provided by the gelcoat coating applied on it. In addition to the durable and high insulation properties of the outer panels, the inner panels are also durable and long-lasting. They are easy to clean and can be washed. They do not rot.

When you choose a Karmod polyester cabin, you will get rid of many workloads. As one of the leading companies in cabin production worldwide, we deliver everything from electrical installation to water installation of your cabins. In these installations, we can make either flush or surface-mounted flooring. The materials we use in our installations and every product regarding the cabin are certified products whose quality is approved. Our cabins are available in all seasons. They are resistant to +60 degrees sun rays and -50 degrees cold.

Our products, which are unique with their material quality and long life, are also very easy to ship. They can be easily moved from one place to another with a crane. In cases where you cannot load it with a crane, you can transport it with vehicles such as forklifts or pallet trucks. As Karmod, we can deliver as many products as you want from our stocks, which are always at your service, anywhere in the world for you in a very short time. As a company that has a transportation system in international standards, we deliver your products to the installation site without any damage and install them together with our teams.

While you can choose a standard product in our polyester cabins, you can also choose different plans according to your needs or wishes. According to the request of our customers, the opening directions of the windows of our cabins may be different.

Karmod portable Polyester cabins are anywhere you want

Karmod polyester cabins, preferred even in the sales booths that the very famous manchester united club will use to sell its corporate products, can be customized for any place you want. Take a look at the Karmod polyester cabin products, describe the cabin you need to us, don’t think about the rest. Our very useful cabins are not only useful for wc, shower or commercial purposes but also for security purposes. Our cabins used for control purposes at points such as police and gendarmerie, can be preferred as armored, precast, sandwich or polyester in any area where security is needed.

A new generation company based in Turkey, and an office representation in Europe. Karmod have a wide experience in the prefabricated sector. Karmod provides design, production, and delivery of prefabricated solutions following the european standards including prefabricated buildings, prefabricated houses, containers, cabins, light steel structures and structural steel buildings.
From our small but resolute beginning, we have made major inroads into the prefab market, capturing key areas of product and service and established a track record of success in delivering high quality prefab solutions.
Our vision is to spread the prefabricated structures technology in the west and central african and Europe markets and make it available to everyone, and present the prefabricated solution as the best alternative to traditional building methods.

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