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Karmod portable guard booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have been the leader in prefabricated security buildings since 1986.
Portable Guard Booth – Karmod builds a portable guard booth and prefab guard booth applications and guard booth and guard shack products protect employees from the elements on parking lots or any other area. In some industries, guard houses or guard booths are known as guard shacks. Whether described as a security guard shack, portable guard house, Our bulletproof guard booths are designed to protect the watchkeeping personnel. Blast resistant portable guard booths designed to protect the watchkeeping personnel. Guardhouses are competitively priced and available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, Compare The Cost.

#1 Manufacturer of Portable Security Guard Booths & Prefab Guard Booths

Portable booths can be used in many ways, from security to shelter in different environments thanks to the advantage of being easy to carry. You can find Karmod  portable booths and smoking shelters products all over the world. With its high security guarantee and superior service quality, Karmod products are preferred all over the world. Karmod is a leading manufacturer of glass reinforced plastic grp portable kiosks, booths and smoking shelters that can be tailored to client’s individual specifications, bullet resistant guard booths. They are lighter than normal concrete. They have an aesthetic appearance. And they are economical. All of the equipment used in Karmod portable booths production are TSE certified. We serve our customers from all over the world with fast delivery and fast installation. They may have high thermal insulation. They are earthquake resistant.

As Karmod, we are proud to serve our customers from all over the world with the principle of superior service and superior quality for 35 years. Our prefabricated structures and container structures are used in many sectors and are among the first places preferred worldwide. We produce the most suitable solutions for your every need with our wide range of products from homes to portable offices, camps to cabins. You can look at our projects and products from our website.

In Karmod Portable Booths, Flexible Design, High Security And Fast Production Are Together!

Karmod portable booths are preferred in many areas such as controlled access points, parks, toll points, customs checkpoints. With its high quality portable security kiosks and bullet resistant guard booths, it also serves for points that require high security. Our products produced with our expert staff and 35 years of experience, are quite different from their counterparts in every way. GRP portable kiosks, which can be produced in different sizes and designs with its different designs, can adapt from the smallest to the largest spaces. All electrical and sanitary systems can be adaptable to suit your specific needs. In addition, we can add optional products to your kiosks, such as shelves, drawers, safes, automatic doors, cabinets.

Our high quality Portable GRP kiosks can also be used as retail kiosks. Thanks to their aesthetic designs, they can adapt to the aesthetic texture of any area. Different design and coating possibilities are available.

With Prefab Security Boots, Wider Smoke Free Spaces, Healthier Work and Living Spaces

Prefab Security Boots are modular structures that provide many benefits. A smoking shelter can protect you from bad weather. It can protect you against both heat and harmful UV rays on a hot day. Also, Prefab Security Boots can be used as areas allocated to smokers separately. Thus, smoking areas are reduced. Using Prefab Security Boots in front of shopping malls and workplaces ensures cleaner and tidy workplaces and public spaces. They are produced for all kinds of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, pavement slabs. Sizing can be made according to customer request. They contain tempered glass. They do not require maintenance. Low cost Prefab Security Boots have economical prices.

High Quality GRP Portable Security Guard Booth Are Wherever Security Is Required!

Our Portable Security Guard Booths are produced in international quality standards. It can be installed anywhere with its different models, ergonomic designs and the comfort they offer. They can be designed in different sizes and sizes depending on the area to be used and the number of users. The Portable Security Guard Booths , which are easily positioned everywhere, ensure that legal procedures are carried out safely in the required control areas. It provides useful safety areas with its quality, for the safe and regular control of entrances and exits, especially in busy areas. Also our GRP Portable Security Guard Booths  can be air-conditioned. Windows and doors can be sliding.

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