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If you are looking for a space solution that meets your individual requirements, then choose a portable cabin from Karmod. Regardless of whether it is a permanent or temporary extension, purchase: everything is possible. From a construction portable site office cabin to a clubhouse or a residential complex: Karmod portable cabin: Due to flexible panels and countless equipment options, you can create spaces, design them freely and change them at any time or move them to another location. Karmod’s Portable Cabins has been crafting park models and tiny homes since 1986. High quality portable cabins. Unbeatable price. Promptly available. Leading European supplier. Each Karmod portable cabin is engineered to meet local or international building codes for safety. Portable cabins are custom built prefab structures manufactured for variety of applications such as site office, security cabin, accommodation, storage, toilets etc.

Modular Portable Cabins, Factory Direct – Pre Built Portable Cabin

Having served in this industry for more than 36 years, Karmod portable cabin technologies offered countless services globally. Even in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jubail, UAE, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Oban, etc., our wide variety of services are known to be the best in the maret. From portable cabins and portable parking booths to container hotels and portable office cabin, Karmod portable cabin technologies can provide what you require according to your need.

All of our site portable cabins are made with durable prefabricated panels which are gone through various processes and test in the process of production. They are specifically made to endure all kinds of harsh weather and natural or other disasters. Their level of durability can even be adjusted before delivery so that they can be readily deployed even in harshest of environments such as war zones. Besides being very durable, they are also very cost-efficient. Meaning that we provide the best affordable portable cabin buildings available in the market.

Portable sleeper units & portable cabins for sale, Event accommodation

However, they can even be transferred to somewhere else in the middle of your project or can have their interior or exterior customized with ease thanks to their practical portability and configurability feature. As Karmod portable cabin plans and,we attach importance to keeping up the pace with constantly developing technology that is happening in our era. Our research and development team are specialized in this area and they are continually in search for new technologies that can be implemented in our services so we can provide much better service to our clients. We also consider all kinds of professional and humanitarian measures and give importance to new ideas and innovative solutions in our workplace so that we can work efficiently and give you exactly what you want.

Explore Portable Cabin buildings – Easy to Install & Disassemble

Portable site cabins are the ideal solution for the use of mass prefabricated buildings. These units have a wide range of products from portable homes to mobile offices. They are widely used in mines, oil fields and construction sites. Since workers’ accommodation camps and portable cabins are constantly needed in these sectors, different versions have continued to be used from the past to the present. Although not very long, the completion time of a construction project is more or less predictable.

For this reason, permanent structures can be used in mining camps and construction sites. However, it was possible to carry out large projects for a very short time with the emergence of Portable cabin buildings. In the past, large-sized tents were used for such projects. However, the tents were not comfortable, and it was not possible to protect the staff from the weather. Dining hall and restroom problems also had negative consequences for the portable cabin prices and projects.

Off-site Modular Buildings and Portable Cabins

With the invention of portable cabin and modular buildings, the comfort and efficiency of short-term projects have increased considerably. They have emerged as a revolutionary solution for permanent projects such as oilfield camps. Workers’ working conditions have greatly improved and the projects have accelerated incomparably. The most suitable solution in terms of efficiency is portable site cabins and accommodation mining camp unit. 

Mining Camp Portable Cabins

Portable site cabins are manufactured in the factory in accordance with high quality standards and are delivered ready-made. The content can be customized according to your needs. Dining halls, recreation areas and restrooms are standard in all portable accommodation sites. Thanks to its modular structure, it is possible to make it compatible with your existing structures. The comfort of your staff provides a great increase in workforce productivity. We specially design the interior design of the cabins so that your staff can feel at home. We are an industry leader in manufacturing of portable site cabins, Discover a range of high-quality portable cabins from Karmod.

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