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Portable Cabins

High quality portable cabins. leading European supplier. A Portable cabins is a temporary structure or building that is specially designed and constructed to be movable and not permanently located in one place. Available in various sizes, designs and shapes, these cabins are used as project offices, stores, cement go-downs, security cabins, canteens, toilet blocks and Portable Cabins or Portable Cabin is prefabricated structure which can be moved easily from one place to another as per need.

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Being one of the leading companies in its field and preferred all over the world with its structures, Karmod is one of the best in its field with its durable and comfortable portable cabinssuitable for all climatic conditions. Karmod’s portable cabins provide safe living spaces that allow efficient working in the most appropriate way, with their insulated structure, in snow, rain, cold weather or hot weather. Only 50% of the market share has Karmod portable cabins in the prefabricated sector in Turkey. At the same time, it exports its products to all over the world such as Qatar, Somalia, Arabia, Oman, Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan, and delivers its quality to many countries including GCC countries.

Portable Cabins That Are Resistant To All Weather Conditions

Karmod portable cabins, with all their privileged features, make it suitable for the harsh working conditions of intense construction site environments, as well as providing many structures that may be needed in the construction site environment. Multi purposes office, dining room, canteen and locker room buildings …

Any structure you request by choosing from our wide range of products that can be used for different purposes in dozens of sectors from construction to sector and preferred from all over the world, is delivered to you in the shortest time and in accordance with your budget. It doesn’t matter the size of the building or in what area it will be used. Submit your project to Karmod. Karmod portable cabins will offer you the most suitable solution with its durable and useful structures.

Portable cabins for every need

Standing out with its innovative and practical solution possibilities, Portable cabins will make your life easier and become an indispensable part of your life and workspaces. They are ideal with their practical, quick set up feature. These special structures, which allow all your needs to be met in confidence, are portable.

Our products, which are produced with the quality of Karmod parta cabins Buildin Technologies, stand out with the criteria of low cost, superior quality, environmental friendliness, insulation properties and being more economical than ordinary buildings, and at the same time respond to the demands of our valued customers.

Some of the most used areas and ways of using portable cabins are as follows:

  • Security Portable Cabins
  • Police Control Point Portable Cabins
  • Newspaper Portable Kiosks
  • Customer Service Center Portable Cabins
  • Taxi Stand Portable Cabins
  • Tickets Sales Portable Cabins
  • Toilet And Shower Portable Cabins

Portable cabins : Fast & High-quality Solution

Our modular Portable cabins are manufactured in accordance with health conditions in our production facilities according to the cabin drawing plans prepared by our expert teams. The difference of our company is the use of raw materials, special odor-free panels, durable high heat and sound insulated panel structure, and it can be easily noticed from the counterfeit products in the market.

Karmod portable cabins, produced for every area and use, can also be produced for use by disabled individuals. The special designs we make for the disabled are produced by considering the doors, ramp inclination, accessory types and appropriate material selection in accordance with the physically disabled standards.

Our specially designed portable cabinshave emerged by combining environmentally friendly raw materials with the latest technology and blending them with the requirements of today’s urbanism. While offering great solutions in small areas, it adapts greatly to the urban texture thanks to the richness of facade cladding types prepared by taking into account the existing construction with its external appearance. They adapt to the new urbanism concept with various color and pattern alternatives used in their modern designs. All of the exterior facades of our portable cabins are covered with A-1 class incombustible fibercement surface coating material. It is possible to produce aesthetic solutions with different pattern alternatives of fibercement. It is possible to work in different functions and sizes according to customer demands.

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In order to serve you better, if you could kindly send an e-mail to info@karmod.com for questions and details about your theoretical and special architectural plans, projects, and product specifications, your request will be responded to as soon as possible.

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