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Portable Classrooms

Eco friendly, portable classrooms provide extra learning space for your school, within a budget. Temporary and portable classrooms designed to make learning comfortable, safe and enjoyable. Our Portable classroom Buildings Are Cost Effective And Mobile Classrooms Solutions. Karmod Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of relocatable modular portable classrooms and prefabricated school construction. Learn about our temporary and permanent portable classrooms and complexes for schools, colleges, and universities across the country and Portable classrooms and modular buildings are cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and temporary prefab classroom overcrowding problems.

Modular & Portable Classroom Buildings For Schools & Nurseries

As Karmod Portable Classrooms Technologies, we do what we love. With making accommodation easier, cheaper and practical for more than 36 years, we are a constantly developing. We operate globally and have an aim to meet the needs of our customers and reach maximum satisfaction. From prefabricated homes to modular school buildings, we serve to nearly every sector and we are the best in many. The idea of prefabricated School structures rising began a long time ago, but with the technology developing day by day, the demand for prefabricated School buildings is rising with the same pace.

Portable classrooms & Office Solutions for Education Industries

That is why we, as a family, want to catch up with these latest technologies and implement them in our services to offer much better products. Karmod prefabricated school building technologies approaches modern problems with modern solutions. If you wish to acquire modular school buildings for your workers to maintain your project, we have exactly what you need. More than that, we can provide lifetime support of our products, configuration on installation with our design team and much more. In line with this, if you want to buy a prefabricated school buildings, we provide wide variety of choices for you to choose and customize your home while you don’t need to worry about the key elements such as; time of the installation, quality of the materials and durability of the materials, etc.

Karmod Portable Classrooms Offers Effective Solutions to Education Problems

Portable classrooms are low cost solutions for overcrowded classrooms. It is not possible to extend the traditional classes. Expansion requires the construction of a new building, which is a very costly solution. Since education is a continuous sector, there is not enough time for the construction of buildings. It is not possible to provide a sustainable education in educational institution buildings that do not meet all the requirements.

Classroom space is also an important factor in the quality of teaching. Prefab school projects and modular buildings are a useful alternative to reduce the burden on educational institutions. Portable classrooms can be established in a short time and their cost is lower than traditional buildings. Besides the lengthy construction process, a full-fledged construction site is required for traditional classroom construction. It is not possible to achieve this in all conditions of education. It is difficult to establish construction sites in difficult weather conditions and remote locations. But education is important and must be continuous.

New Portable Classrooms – Affordable Prices

Different problems arise even in conventional constructions under normal conditions. While the construction of other buildings continues, environmental and noise pollution also occurs. A separate area is also required for large vehicles to be used in construction and for workers working on the construction site. Portable classrooms and modular classroom buildings do not harm the environment. It is very easy to install and use. It can be installed in the appropriate location according to the school’s own architectural plan and even its location can be changed when necessary.

Portable Classrooms For Inspirational Teaching and Learning Environments

It can be used easily in educational institutions in different locations. Since it is easy to install, it can be easily transported to schools in remote locations. The material used is durable and long-lasting. It is designed according to the comfort of the student. It is more useful than traditional classrooms in terms of design. Our productions differ according to the needs. While most schools use Portable Classrooms projects as a temporary solution, there are also those who use it as a permanent solution. Schools whose main buildings have been damaged by natural disaster or decay may use portable structures. Prefabricated classroom buildings are also more advantageous for air condition circulation. Education interruptions are generally limited. A traditional construction can take years and it is not possible to take such a break in an educational institution. One of the most important reasons for choosing portable classrooms projects is the short installation time.

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