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Portable Containers

Karmod is the leading provider of on site storage containers, Our portable storage containers are available in three sizes and are made with safety and security features that the competition simply can’t match.Karmod offers great prices on spacious on-site storage containers for any storage needs. Portable containers are structures that can be used safely in all areas of life, are economical, practical, disassembled, produced in a short time and they are easy to transport. Construction containers, portable container polyclinics used in hospitals, emergency living units and intensive care units, container schools, container construction sites, container dormitories and dining halls, waste containers, medical waste containers, household waste containers, office containers, portable mobile toilet containers are just some of them.

Portable container units designed around you

Affordable portable container, which are used in many areas, can be produced in the form of demounted containers or fully assembled. Disassembled container structures, unlike the containers that are delivered with completed assembly, are shipped to the area where they will be used as disassembled after they are produced in the factory. This provides a huge advantage. While normally only 2 assembled containers can be transported with a truck, much more transportation can be made when transported disassembled. This provides ease of transportation and saves costs by shipping more products at once. Portable containers can be easily transported and shipped by sea, air and road. You can purchase newly built portable containers from the manufacturers or buy second hand containers for sale.

Portable Containers – Fast and Affordable Solutions

Karmod containers are widely preferred as site office and portable container buildings in constructions and provide many conveniences. Our containers are built in very short periods of time. With more than 36 years of experience, we offer you the most suitable solution for your project. We can deliver portable accommodation containers, which can accommodate thousands of staff, to you in just weeks, installing them and deliver them to you ready-made. Karmod containers are odorless. TSE certified products are used in their structures. Structures that can be preferred temporarily or permanently are earthquake resistant. They are also protected against fire thanks to the non-combustible class and low fire risk materials we use.

Karmod Portable Office Containers Are The Best For Construction Projects

These portable containers are mostly used at construction sites as site offices, workers and engineers residence and dormitories. With Karmod new generation container technology, portable office containers can be installed for your construction projects by making them ready for use in a short time at the desired location in just four steps. They are designed and produced in accordance with fire, earthquake and different climatic conditions. Karmod container system is the most preferred structure in the construction field with its dozens of different advantages. Preferred areas and structures included in accommodation camps in construction projects:

  • The dining hall of the construction site
  • Workers’ dormitory
  • Staff dining hall
  • Staff dormitory
  • Portable WC-Shower

Buy Portable Container Office and Improve Your Business ROI

It is also very easy to move from one place to another due to their portable feature. Karmod construction portable container offers the most suitable solution for your needs at the most affordable cost with its nearly 20 ergonomic designs. They can be produced as monoblock, demounted and combined. Karmod is also always with its customers with its after-sales support team. Construction container structures are the most suitable solution in terms of installation, cost, time and performance.

Our portable temporary Portable office container products can be easily moved from one place to another. When it is desired to be expanded, they can be expanded very easily and in a short time thanks to their modular structure. They can be used as temporary site Portable containeroffice  and they can be used permanently thanks to their durable and long-lasting structure. You can access all of our products from our website. We deliver all over the world.

You can view the projects we have completed in dozens of countries on many different continents in detail from our website. Contact us for more information about our portable container offices.

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