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Portable Labor Camp project

Modular man labor camps and portable cabin oil field labor camps, Karmod include all modular lodging projects, commercial modular buildings, modular school buildings, prefab retirement homes, modular hospitals, prefabricated modular buildings, offices and remote housing needs. Labor camps are areas where personnel working in projects in remote areas are accommodated, where facilities such as dining hall, dormitory, management and work offices, security cabins and resting areas are located. As Karmod, we believe that portable labor camp facilities should be durable, aesthetic and economic structures that comply with all the requirements of the project. For this reason, we closely follow technology in general and all developments, especially technology in our sector, and we try to improve ourselves day by day.

Temporary Portable Labor Camp Buildings, Fast – Reliable – Flexible

We produce our products by passing many checks in our modern Portable Labor Camp buildings technology production systems. Our after sales teams deal with problems that arise when our products are being used by our customers. Our products are ideal for both temporary and permanent uses. For temporary solutions, even if they are preferred for just a while, they offer permanent solution quality. You can use our products in more than one project.

Portable Labor Camp structures are mostly used in labor camps. Because Portable Labor Camp structures provide convenience in many issues. One of the first facilities they provide is that they can be easily moved. Karmod products are produced unwelded, their production and installation is fast. They are delivered to the customer ready to use to a great extent.

A construction or Portable labor camp is a place of employment where workers are provided living or sleeping quarters, cooking or eating facilities, sanitary facilities such as showers, toilets and laundry facilities.

Prefab cabinsmobile caravanssite office portable cabinPortable Labor Camp and flatpacked container are among the most used structures in worker camps facilities.

Portable Cabins and Labor Camp Buildings – Variety of Styles and Sizes

Portable Labor Camp are increasingly used buildings in the age we live in. Speed is

a very important factor in the age we live in. For this reason, fast production feature is sought in every product produced, as well as quality. Building a facility is a work that can take a very long time. However, this period can be shortened with modular buildings. At the same time, it will not be a good choice to prefer traditional structures for buildings that are needed temporarily. Labor camps are areas where buildings that can be used temporarily are needed. The Portable Labor Camp provides great convenience for structures where workers will only stay for a certain period of time. It is possible to produce facilities where hundreds, thousands of people can stay and work in just weeks. As Karmod, we have completed dozens of Portable Labor Camp projects in many regions from all over the world.

Portable Site Offices and Temporary Labor Camp Buildings for sale

Portable Labor Camp building Technology is changing and developing day by day, not following the developments and not improving yourself is a situation that causes to fall behind the sector. As Karmod, we follow technological developments closely. We care about the feedback we receive as a result of each project we complete and the thoughts of our customers and we always try to improve ourselves by taking them into account. We produce the latest technology accommodation facilities for labor camps. Our panel system prefabricated buildings are ideal for construction sites.

– Each of our accommodation units are earthquake resistant. They are suitable for 1st degree earthquake zones.

– Each of the housing complexes used for accommodation units are produced in a sterile state suitable for human health. They are easy to clean. Maintenance costs are low.

– Although it may vary depending on the installation location, the snow load value of our buildings is 75 Kg / m2. Wind speed values are also 80 km / hour with the conditions of being fixed to the ground.

New Portable Labor Camp Buildings For Sale – Fast Delivery to the World

– All Portable Labor Camp accommodation facilities are produced in accordance with the climate of the region to be delivered. They have high performance in insulation. They protect their users from the sun’s harmful rays and the freezing cold of winter.

– Non-flammable materials are used in the panels, they are protected against fire.

You can contact us to get detailed information about our projects and products and for the economical, durable and useful Portable Labor Camp for sale.

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