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Portable Office Cabins

High quality portable office cabins. Save the best rates even today. Get a non-binding offer today. promptly available. unbeatable price. personal advice on site. leading European supplier. Manufacturer of Portable office Cabins – Modular Portable Cabin, Portable Accommodation Cabins, Porta Office Cabin and Prefabricated office cabin and container  office structures are structures that can be easily transported, have low cost Portable office cabin and can be produced in a short time. It is very important for the building to adapt to the environment it is located in. Fiberglass portable office cabins carry its structure beyond being a simple container or a prefabricated office structure with its aesthetic design. It fits very well into the architecture of the modern city. Portable office cabins, specially designed and produced by Karmod portable office technologies experts teams in their field, carrying its quality to dozens of countries from all over the world, Karmod, the leading world brand in its field, adapt to the aesthetic texture of the place with its modern design. At the same time, the portable office cabins, which can be produced in different sizes and designs with the different designs it offers, adapt from the smallest to the largest spaces.

Modular Commercial Buildings and Custom Portable Office Cabins

Karmod fiberglass portable office cabins, which can have different sizes according to the needs, have a lot of usage areas. They can be used as security kiosks, as a sales kiosk of different products (public bread, tickets, newspapers, books, etc.), as a taxi stand, as a ticket sales point in mukhtars, as a sales office of your company, as a management office, as a guardhouse or various purposes in social facilities and picnic areas. Karmod fiberglass portable office cabins have a solution for your every need.

They have metal carcass structure. With its modular office structure, you can easily transfer portable office cabins wherever you want. It is easy to ship elsewhere when it ceases to be used at the location. They are ergonomic and spacious structures with their special design. Different color options are also available. You can have the color you want in accordance with the desired area or according to your preference. In the outer coating, different stone coating, wooden coating or flat surface coating can be applied on the metal frame.

Portable Site Office Cabin Manufacturer

Our specially produced portable office cabins can be different sizes and plans according to your needs. They are produced using the latest GRP – Fiber-Glass Reinforced fiberglass (FRP) technology, with expert teams in our production facilities with state-of-the-art production technology machines. Our Portable office cabins built in our own factory are ready to use from the moment they are delivered to you. They are ideal buildings for security posts, car park kiosks and checkpoints… etc.

Different optional tools such as interior lighting, heater, multi-purpose shelves, external lighting, sunshade, bench table, toilet or shower can be added to your portable office cabins according to your request.

Portable Retail Office Cabins

The portability and multi purposes of our cabins makes them perfect for use as Portable retail office cabins. Wherever it is, the units can be set up quickly and ready to use within minutes. It offers you a practical use in a concert, organization or wherever you want

Fiberglass Portable Ticket Office Cabins

Our modular FRP Portable office cabins are also offering you the ideal solution for ticket offices. Our units are completely insulated. It offers you comfortable working areas in all weather conditions. Your work efficiency is not affected by any negative effects thanks to these modular ticket office cabins. Our Portable office cabins, which are easy to clean and do not smell, are also very advantageous with their economical prices. They have superior quality compared to ordinary Portable office cabins and offer you this quality at the most economical prices.

You can view our products in detail on our website, which can be in the desired size, size and color according to your needs, and you can order in the quantity you want according to your request or need. For detailed information, you can visit our website and reach us from the relevant phone numbers and e-mail addresses. We deliver all over the world in international standards.

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In order to serve you better, if you could kindly send an e-mail to info@karmod.com for questions and details about your theoretical and special architectural plans, projects, and product specifications, your request will be responded to as soon as possible.

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