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Portable Retail Cabins

Portable Retail Cabins are portable structures that can be used in dozens of places. Being very useful is their biggest advantage. Because they can be easily moved from place to place. They are produced in a very short time. They are modular structures. Each of its parts are manufactured separately in the factory and then assembled at the place of installation. Many different types of Portable Retail Cabins can be produced. There are many different modular cabin products such as polyester cabin, sandwich panel cabin, precast cabin.

Retail Display Carts & Mall Cabins and Custom Designs for Sale

Portable Retail Cabins are structures where many different products can be sold in big city centers, and you can find them on the sidewalks or roadsides. They are small and portable structures. Karmod is producing bread Portable Retail Cabins and kiosks. With its superior technology systems, experienced and expert staff, Karmod carries its products all over the world. Products of Karmod, one of the world leaders in cabin, are all over the world. We are proud to have delivered our products to more than 130 countries. Our products, which guarantee high quality and low price, can be used for many years and have a very aesthetic appearance.

Sometimes, when the desired quality is achieved in the products, the desired aesthetic appearance may not be achieved. When there is an aesthetic appearance, it may not be the desired quality. But in Karmod products, quality and aesthetic appearance are together. In addition, they are products with the best price guarantee.

Portable Retail Store Cabins & Mobile Retail Office Cabin

Karmod is producing bread Portable Retail Cabins that are used by IHE (Istanbul Halk Ekmek, a government owned bread selling kiosk chain) for selling more than 2 million hygienic and economical breads every day. Karmod is the choice of world brands, companies that are the best in their field, and those who always care about quality first. Karmod cabins were preferred for Halk Ekmek kiosks in Istanbul, one of the most beautiful and crowded cities in the world.

Our cabins serve at approximately 500 points. Our hygienic, ergonomic and durable cabins provide bread to thousands of people every day and offer an ergonomic living space to thousands of employees.

Manchester United Portable Retail Store Cabins

Another important project where Karmod Portable Retail Cabins preferred by the best ones are preferred is the stores of Manchester United team, one of the world-famous clubs. Our cabins, which are preferred as ticket sales Portable Retail Cabins, serve in areas where thousands of people visit every day.

Our products, which are produced with the latest technology systems, offer an ergonomic working area without being affected by any adverse weather conditions thanks to their durable structures and do not lose their aesthetic appearance for a long time. We used our panel cabin model in our 12 special cabins.

Custom Mall Cabins & Portable Retail Outdoor Cabins

As a company that has been in this sector for 36 years, we have delivered thousands of our products to tens of countries. We work with many different institutions in many different sectors, from corporate companies to non-governmental organizations. At the same time, we make thousands of people homeowners with our prefabricated, container and steel houses every year. Each of our products are modular and manufactured products. When you want to buy our products, we start production from the moment you choose from our wide range of products. If it is one of our stocked products, we instantly ship your product to anywhere in the world. At the place where the installation will be made, Karmod teams complete the installation of your product and deliver it to you as ready. Most of the time, these processes are completed in just weeks for all our products. From the moment we started production, we make inspections for complete and flawless products at almost every stage. We deliver our products in international standards to you perfectly. You can visit our website for Portable Retail Cabins in dozens of different sizes and models.

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