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High quality portable security cabins. Save the best rates even today. Portable security cabins and cost effective. Get your free quote now. Portable fiberglass security cabin: Thanks to our extensive manufacturing facility and expert professionals, we offer a superior range of GRP portable security cabins. The offered product range is manufactured in full compliance with international quality norms and standards, using first-class raw materials and advanced machinery. However, the offered product range has different special designs to meet the different requirements of customers.

Leading Supplier of Portable Security Cabin Buildings

Portable cabin Site Accommodation For Sale – Fully Equipped with Modern Facilities. Our Sleeper Units Come In Various Sizes & Layouts, With a Variety of Modern Features. Nearby Location. Stock Available. Nationwide Delivery. Being one of the leading companies among fiberglass portable security cabin manufacturers, Karmod manufactures fiberglass portable security cabins in its modern factory with the latest system insulation, polyurethane sandwich panels with the highest quality and at the most affordable prices. Produced with 36 years of Karmod experience, frp portable security cabins adapt to every place with their aesthetic modern appearance and increase the aesthetics of the space. We deliver your portable security cabins in the sizes you want, delivered from stock with Karmod guarantee, at the most affordable prices.

World’s Best Bespoke Portable Security Cabin manufacturer

Karmod fiberglass portable security cabins , which are exported to more than 100 countries, are the most practical solution with its high quality and ergonomic design suitable for safety. Our products, which we produce with four different models, are available in many different sizes from 150×150 cm to 270×750 cm, namely fiberglass cabins, panel cabins, precast cabins and metropolitan cabins. With our high production capacity, all our models are shipped as soon as possible from your order.

As one of the leading portable security cabin manufacturers, our security cabins, where we carry out each of the production stages meticulously, can be fitted with damped glass shutters and sunshades upon request. It is shipped ready to use, including electrical lighting fixtures. Fuse box and plug are available. With its aesthetic modern appearance, they adapt to any space. As portable security cabins, they produce the safest and aesthetic solution to your needs. It is well insulated and has a superior production quality compared to ordinary portable security cabins . It does not smell with its special painting system.

High Quality Portable Security Cabins – Quality and Affordable

The importance we attach to life safety has always encouraged us to develop new products and always do better. As a result of this approach, armored portable security cabins products have been developed. Our armored portable security cabins, which are specially designed for situations requiring high-level security measures such as war and terror, have the B7 armor standard that is used for purposes such as defense, counter-attack, observation and reconnaissance and provides life safety. It is one of our most preferred products in places such as Police, Embassy, ​​Police and Military.

Our armored portable security cabins, together with their armored structure in international standards, also have 4-direction controlled firing grilles. As in every detail, these grilles are internally controlled and offer ease of shooting from all directions during an attack. It gives our personnel such as police, military, private security, etc. the advantage of easy counter-attack or attack.

Portable Security Cabins and Huts – Security Kiosks, Gatehouses

In all our portable security cabins, comfort is considered as well as high security solution. Along with the environment where the security personnel who will stay in the cabin will feel safe 24/7, the comfortable duty spaces with an ergonomic environment have been specially designed with everything in mind. Our fiberglass portable security cabins , which offer numerous advantages compared to the existing products in the sector, are products produced with the latest technologies. Karmod products, which are produced by expert teams with more than 30 years of experience, are much more stylish, aesthetic, safe, durable as well as very economical in terms of price and offer you the best quality and the best price.

You can contact us on our website for detailed information on fiberglass portable security cabins south africa and regions around the world, for our fiberglass portable cabins and for our portable security cabins.

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