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Portable Storage container Units Offer Convenience & Flexibility Karmod brings a portable storage container to your specified location and gives you the option to load and arrange your belongings at your own pace. When you’re done, you can have the truck transport your portable storage unit to your new home or business.

Karmod Portable storage site containers are among the most used structures in construction sites with the advantages of fast production and easy on-site installation.

Portable Container structures are a part of daily life with their many features. We can find them everywhere as a house, as an office, as a school, as a hospital and as many other buildings. As a 35-year-old corporate company, we ship our structures all over the world and have contributed to many different sectors with our schools, construction site structures and hospitals. With our homes, we have ensured many people to have homes. Portable storage site containers are one of our multi-purpose structures. Karmod portable storage containers has become a leader in portable container solutions.

Portable storage container units designed around you

Portable storege office containers are indispensable for worksite camps. A customizable multifunctional container that can be assembled in just 15 minutes and ready for immediate use, suitable for office or other uses, can be adapted to your every project. We offer different coating options for floors, interior and exterior wall coverings. We also have optional options such as air conditioning, table, and cupboard. They provide trouble-free living spaces for long-term use.

Areas of usage:

Portable Storage Containers & Mobile Storage Units

We offer a wide range of high security storage and global transport units within the mining and metal industry. Portable office containers can be used for many different purposes in mining camp structures. They can be used as dining halls, dormitories, working and resting areas or as  Portable storage containers. We offer you everything you may need about camp buildingswith our containers. While we minimize the damage we give to the environment with the buildings we produce, we provide efficient use in four seasons with its highly insulated structure and save energy costs. Within weeks, we can deliver structures where thousands of your workers can comfortably accommodate. You can also use them in another project thanks to their relocatable features.

Secure Portable Storage Containers for Sale

In emergency housing needs, it is very important that the structures are produced on time and in a short time and the delivery is made smoothly. portable storage containers provide great convenience in terms of both production, transportation and relocation. Portable storage container structures are very useful in many aspects in mass housing projects established after emergencies. They can be easily transported from all over the world to the desired location and structures that can accommodate thousands of people in a very short time can be easily established. After the earthquake, after the war or after various undesirable situations, many governments, non-governmental organizations or private organizations prefer container homes. Durable and long-lasting containers may include different room options and WC/shower.

The World’s No.1 Portable Storage Container Solution – Fits Your Business Needs

Karmod offers our foldable innovative technology, which provides dramatic cost savings that allows our customer to gain the competitive edge in their industries. We guarantee you the most structurally safe and well-designed products in the industry. We maintain the highest ethical standards in environmental issues, business practices, environmental friendliness and legal compliance in the industry. We contribute to the progress of your projects with the best timing. Together with our professional after-sales teams, we are right next to you in order to assist you in a possible problem. Get tidy, high security and four-season storage areas with portable storage containers. Change its location whenever you want. Our universal portable storage containers meet international quality standards. It is always one step ahead with its innovative technology. We care that our buildings are environmentally friendly. And besides this, we attach importance to recycling in our facilities. In order not to harm our environment, we work for both our present and our future.

Container home prices

Prefab container homes range in size and cost. 235×600 container dimensions. The average cost to build a prefab container home is around $4,000 to $6,000, while larger prefab container homes can cost up to $15,000. The cost of building a prefab container home will also increase based on your desired amenities and materials

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