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Pre-engineered buildings

Leading the industry in technology, design flexibility, longevity, and quality steel buildings for over 35 years, Karmod Pre-engineered Buildings Company is one of the nation’s largest, most experienced manufacturers of custom metal building systems. Karmod Pre-engineered buildings are fully customized, energy efficient, environment-friendly solutions. Karmod Pre-engineered steel buildings manufactures and delivers custom steel buildings and metal building kits for: warehouses, workshops, hangars, commercial buildings. What are you building? Prefab metal buildings are flexible and can adapt to any building use, including the following:
As a custom steel building manufacturer using cutting-edge design technology,  your Karmod Pre-engineered building can be custom engineered to virtually any design and size application to achieve your optimal solution.
With client collaboration, our in-house engineers customize every steel building, providing lasting value and maintenance-free protection. We deliver pre-cut, ready for assembly structures, directly to your job site from one of our global factories. Your Industry Leader in Custom Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. Explore Some of Our Projects.

Steel Buildings and What are Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings?

With the development of technology, great steps have been taken in the development of production systems. With the development of production systems in every field, many different alternatives to traditional methods have been produced. Thanks to the new production systems, a product can be produced with much better quality in a much shorter time and this can be done at much less cost. One of the areas where the developing production systems are used is the construction sector. Many different types of buildings are designed as an alternative to the disadvantages and obstacles caused by traditional construction. One of these building types is pre-engineered steel buildings.

While pre-engineered metal buildings are produced, the structural system elements of the produced building such as columns, beams, and slabs are produced in the factory. These carrier systems are transported to the construction site, assembled there and the assembly of the building is completed and ready for use. The word “pre-engireneered” is used because they are produced with this system. Prefabricated and container structures are among the most common building types produced with this system. Pre-engineered metal buildings cost is also very low compared to the cost of other buildings. In addition, pre-engineered steel buildings are much more environmentally friendly buildings than traditional buildings as structure. For this reason, it is thought that the architecture of the future will be pre-engineered steel buildings.

Design Assembly of Pre-Engineered Building System

Steel buildings have been used for many years in developed countries and are preferred in many areas. Prefabricated buildings can offer very useful and comfortable work and living spaces in permanent solutions as daily permanent houses or summer houses, as showrooms, as work offices.

One of the most preferred areas of pre-engineered buildings is construction sites. There are many benefits of using pre-engineered prefabricated / container building elements in a construction project. Thanks to these low cost structures, a significant reduction in the total cost of the project is achieved. Since the production time is very short compared to traditional systems, it helps the project to be completed much faster on time or before. Factory direct pre-engineered steel camp, because they are produced in a factory environment, they are produced with full material usage, which reduces the waste of raw materials.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building Structural Components

The construction site environment can cause many negativities. It has many different risks such as work accidents, being affected by weather conditions, and new costs for various reasons. However, thanks to the pre-engireneered production, many negativities that may be caused by the construction site environment are prevented. Occupational accidents are reduced, the rate of extra cost is very low. Thanks to the systems that increase the possibilities of standardization, it is very unlikely that another cost will arise in addition to the cost determined at the time of order.

The usage rate of the buildings used around the world increases every year, and the structures produced in this way are developed. In the system where material waste is prevented to a great extent and thus the cost is also reduced, the rate of waste decreases. This helps in minimizing the damage to the environment.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Systems Manufacturer

Our in-house erection crew sets us apart from the competition when it comes to price. Karmod prices are at least as unique as their quality. While always aiming for high quality, we aim to be economically accessible and try to make quality for everyone. In Karmod pre-engineered steel buildings, we offer complete design services according to the latest design codes and specifications. Our engineering and design department aims to design creative and at the same time aesthetically pleasing buildings, using state-of-the-art computer software and programs, no matter how complex or unusual the project may be, and to design structures that ensure correct and seamless placement of components.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Pre Engineered Buildings

  • Lower building costs
  • Fast Delivery and Quick Setup
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Expandability

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