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Versatile Prefab Caravans for All Your Different Needs

We produce your dream Prefab caravans with the power of 36 years of experience and wisdom in Kuwait. Being operated from Karmod was born to solve the need for Prefabricated caravans and modular buildings to be used in many applications due to saving engineering and construction time, complementing the traditional concept of value for money and time. Our factory is extremely sophisticated with its excellent infrastructure, which is in a position to produce prefabricated modular structures for the workplace, double-decker offices for construction and construction sites, Deluxe summer villas, Oil and Gas Field portable Cabins, prefab caravans, Cabanas and the like for local needs and export. .

Karmod Prefabricated Building Systems. It is a free zone company established to meet the prefabricated modular building needs in Kuwait and the Middle East Region. The total production area of ​​the company is 31,000 square meters. With the help of our more than 250 employees, we have a daily production capacity of 30 prefab caravans.

We Are The Most Versatile Caravan and Portable cabin Manufacturer for All Purposes

With Karmod Prefab Building Systems, the possibilities of prefab caravans and portable cabins are endless. We are one of the best in Kuwait in manufacturing prefab caravans and portable cabins for all purposes and sizes. Our Prefab caravan and port cabins and portable toilets have been standard solutions for event management in Kuwait since our inception. Can't afford a custom prefab camper and portable cabin? Don't worry, we offer the production of prefab caravans and portable cabins made to perfection that feels like new in terms of quality.

Build Your Dream Prefab Caravan in Kuwait

From prefab caravan in Kuwait, Labor camps are accommodation or houses built for workers, workers or whatever the customer wishes to put in the accommodation. As the nation's leading manufacturer of prefab caravans and cabins, we also provide custom-designed labor camps with customer-requested quality assurance and solid foundations.

Your Dream Prefab Caravan and Portable Cabin Starts in Kuwait

  • Prefab Caravans
  • Container Accommodations
  • Oil and Gas labor camps
  • Ablutions and toilets
  • Construction Site offices
  • Guard Houses
  • Double and triple deck portable cabins

The company's flagship product, the prefab caravan and portable cabin, can be redesigned over time without the need for expert builders.

Affordable modern prefab caravans you can buy now

We know that prefabricated buildings in Kuwait will take a lot of impact during transportation and installation. With over 250 highly skilled employees, our company focuses on quality rather than quantity in the construction of prefabricated buildings. The quality workmanship of our employees is reflected in every corner of the caravans and portable cabins we make. For over thirty-five years, our company has offered hundreds of guards, labor camps and prefab caravans and portavans in Kuwait and has had the success of customers returning to us for their future needs.

We are quality builders of cost effective Caravan and prefab homes in the Middle East. Manufactured throughout Kuwait, our accommodation and Containerized units are broadly designed to suit our customers' needs. Prefab caravans and containerized units are manufactured in galvanized steel and sandwich panels as structural elements.

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