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Karmod is a manufacturer of prefab construction components in Kent, Turkey. The company is trusted by many prefab construction companies for their high-quality modular offices and other buildings and other prefabricated structure. Through its modular construction division Modular, Karmod Industries is enabling contractors to build stronger, and taller buildings such as hotels, They provide their clients with quality materials that they deliver not just in the Turkey but anywhere in the world. A prominent custom modular building dealer based in the Turkey, Karmod Modular delivers the highest quality affordable modular classrooms,
Prefab construction buildings, which are widely used in many parts of the world, offer many areas of use from living space to workplace, from dormitory to dining hall, are becoming increasingly popular. So what is prefab construction? Prefabricated means “parts already built”. We can claim that the most important feature of prefabricated buildings that distinguishes them from reinforced concrete and other types of structures is that their parts are produced in advance. They are structures that do not require a construction site environment, so they have many advantages. Production times are very short and their installation is very easy and fast.

Offsite Construction Companies Transforming The Building Industry

Karmod prefab construction Technologies is a company established in 1986. We have been carrying our quality with our buildings all over the world for about 36 years. Our prefab construction buildings include prefabricated construction site buildings, prefabricated office and administrative buildings, prefabricated hospitals, prefabricated hotels, prefabricated wc and shower units, commercial modular permanent buildings, prefabricated schools, prefabricated social facilities and prefabricated houses.

It Is Possible To Find Prefab Construction Suitable For Every Area, Every Sector And Every Need!

Karmod prefab construction technologies is a Turkey based company that produces prefabricated solutions with over 36 years of experience. We are proud to be among the leading companies in the modular and portable building and prefab construction industry. We create reliable, safe, and cost effective modular building solutions for Commercial, Government Camp; Military, Correctional, Education, and Healthcare camp; Medical applications. It is possible to find prefab construction for your every need.

Prefabricated buildings are demounted structures. It can be used for both your permanent and temporary solutions. Permanent modular construction and temporary modular construction are possible.

Top Prefab Modular Construction Solution Company – 2022

Karmod prefabricated construction site buildings are the choice of large projects worldwide with their technological and fast production, installation in a short time and after-sales service privileges. Our construction sites, which are in the long-lasting construction class, can be easily transferred to new projects in different places when the project is completed with its disassembled feature. Our high-quality prefab construction buildings are offered to you as worker camps with structures for all kinds of needs, from dining halls to dormitories, from working offices to WC and shower units. As Karmod, we took part in the camp structures of the leading construction projects in dozens of places in the world. You can look at the projects we take place in detail on our website.

Prefabricated Construction Meets Changing Needs in the Pandemic

One of our most used prefab construction buildings is office and administrative buildings. Steel carcass panel is produced with system details. Betopan press panel and sandwich panel system and A-1 class fireproof materials can be safely preferred for long-term use. You can choose these structures in the new branch of your company, information offices or for all your office needs.

Top Prefabricated Construction Manufacturer in the World

In many areas, portable Toilets and showers are a solution that fully meets the needs. Prefab construction is the most economical and quality Mobile  Toilet and shower solution in public facilities, various organizations, construction site camps, parks and gardens. We have different options such as disabled wc, only wc/shower, wc and shower together.

The Difference Between Prefab and Modular Construction

Houses with prefab construction are one of the best housing solutions with their dozens of advantages. It allows you to own a house economically. It is a privilege to have a house with Karmod different Our homes have thousands of users around the world. They are very attractive with their single-storey, two-storey, terraced, garage, wide and narrow options and economical prices for every request and need. They offer you flexible design possibilities, and different decorative coatings can be made according to your request in the interior and exterior coatings. They are earthquake resistant, robust structures. They can be used in all seasons with their high insulation. They can be delivered anywhere in the world within just weeks from the time you order.

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