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Prefab Ecological Houses

Karmod prefab ecological houses are produced with environmental awareness in mind in order to live in a cleaner and healthier world and leave a better world to our future generations…
Environmental pollution is a situation that threatens both human health and the future of the world. Unfortunately, the increase in the human population in the modern world has led to a disproportionate increase in consumption.

Green and Eco Friendly Homes for Sale

The number of products that are harmful to the environment is increasing day by day. However, although the recycling activities are abundant, they are very inadequate when the world is considered. If there is no production with environmental awareness in every sector and the necessary importance is not given to recycling activities, it means that our world will face great problems in the future. As Karmod prefab ecological houses, we have aimed to produce with this sensitivity.
Karmod was established in 1986 in Turkey. For more than 36 years, it has made quality more accessible for people and the sector from all over the world with its building solutions and continues to do so.

Houses of the Future: Prefab Ecological Houses

When prefab ecological houses were first produced, they were generally used only for temporary solutions and could not be preferred in all areas. They were preferred structures only for certain purposes, such as earthquake residences or post-war residences. With the developing technology, the design and production methods of prefab ecological houses have also improved and the usage area of ​​these houses has expanded. Prefab houses can be used from mass housing projects to any area where accommodation is needed.

Best Green and Sustainable Prefab Ecological Homes

prefab ecological house buildings will be the most used structures in the architecture of the future. Green houses, which are combined with light steel and offer safe use in all seasons and conditions for many years, provide a great advantage in terms of economy to traditional construction methods. Costs are much lower in the production of prefab ecological houses. Because when we think that the number of technical personnel is not like the workers who will work on the construction site, the personnel employment becomes much less.

The Best Eco-Friendly and Best eco friendly house designs

Do you also need peaceful areas away from city life? Karmod prefab ecological houses, with thousands of users, come first in the home preference of thousands of people from all over the world. The prefab ecological houses which is produced in a factory environment and in a disassembled form with each part, is delivered to the place where it will be installed in a very short time with a shipping system in international standards and is delivered to you ready for use by expert teams.

Eco-Friendly Prefab Ecological Homes You Can Order Right Now

Prefab ecological houses are intelligent eco green house prefab, that can produce its own energy needed for electricity, warm water, and can treat its own waste. In these green houses, solar energy system is used to produce its own heat energy, rainwater is collected and stored through special channels, electrical energy is created by using wind and solar energy. Furthermore all house wast particularly water waste is treated through treatment system to be used again. The materials used in the construction of these houses are also recycled which is one of prefab ecological houses properties as well. In this way, you minimize the damage you give to the environment while using your home, and the emission of harmful waste is minimized with recycling.

Thanks to these prefab ecological houses, your energy costs will decrease and you will have the advantage of living in much higher quality living spaces at much lower costs. Karmod quality is different in prefab ecological houses as well as in everything else. Come, let’s meet, see our products and see the difference.

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