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Best and cheapest prefab homes in Australia

Karmod has been building high quality, innovative prefab homes for Australian families for over 36 years. Whether you live in the city, country or beach, we have a modular prefab house to suit your every need. We offer beautiful, sustainable and cost-effective modern modular homes for families, retirees and first-time prefab home buyers, powered by the latest in design and modular construction technology.

Over the past thirty-six years we have designed, built and delivered thousands of modular prefab homes across Australia. Our friendly approach makes it easy to design a modular home you love, whatever your needs. We will work with you in the prefab home project to find the right options to add your personal touch from the first plan to the end, and we will give you the peace of mind that your finished modular home will truly feel like your own. Here you will see a snapshot of our customer feedback.

Australia is famous for high quality homes and fast build times.

At Karmod Prefab Homes we take pride in providing exceptional customer service and delivering your dream modular home on budget and on time. Our amazing team of architectural designers, builders and project consultants will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

To assist you with your prefab home planning and to help you understand exactly how your new modular home will fit together, we have prepared an 8-step process that applies to our range of pre-engineered modular products. If you want to custom design your Modular Home from the ground up, we follow a similar process, but we start with custom design consultation, followed by an estimate and confirmation.

Our prefabricated modular homes that we manufacture in Australia are built off-site in our purpose-built facilities by qualified builders and craftsmen, approximately 85% complete and ready to be delivered to your place in our factory. During the last few weeks of construction, our onsite team is busy preparing the foundations on your site so we can complete the installation faster once your new modular home is delivered. This overlap is one of the many advantages of modular prefab homes because it allows us to complete your project in a fraction of a traditional build time.

Australia Prefab Houses - Sustainable Design and Innovative Building

At Karmod Prefab Houses we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and delivering your modular home on budget and on time. To assist with the planning and to help you understand the exact steps of the prefab modular home building process, we have prepared this outline for our standard modular home range. If you're looking for a custom designed modular steel house from the ground up, we follow a similar process, but we start with custom design consultation, followed by an estimate and approval.

Our in-house design team of Engineers and Architects, draftsmen and interior designers will craft your new modular home bespoke to your site, your needs, your budget and sustainable values. The design and finish options are endless – but one thing is for sure, every design is the result of real collaboration with you by our design team.

The best affordable modular homes in Australia

With over 36 years of experience in the industry Karmod, we have delivered more than 1,000 modular home projects in Australia for our happy customers, including social family homes of all types, forever homestays and holiday homes. Building at our innovative modular home construction center in Australia means we never have to worry about the weather and our shopkeepers can work side by side to get the job done faster. We have optimized every step in our construction process, where we can guarantee that your new modular steel house will be built in just 2 weeks from the moment we receive your building permit. We can also guarantee you a fixed affordable upfront price, giving you the peace of mind knowing that there will be no cost overruns.

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