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Modern affordable social housing for sale in Portugal

Karmod is a boutique provider of custom designed modular buildings specializing in earthquake and hurricane resistant prefabricated houses and steel house construction services for social housing clients, resort and hotel operators and property developers since 1986 in Portugal and all over 132 countries of the World. Karmod offers a versatile range of factory-built, disaster and hurricane-proof prefabricated steel houses and modular homes in Portugal, offering a wide range of unique building surfaces and stylish architectural features. Our attractive properties are offered as an all-inclusive package that includes building materials, kitchens, bathrooms, decor items and equipment. Our engineering, prefabricated modular building system guarantees speed, accuracy, sustainability and cost certainty.

Versatile prefab homes, factory built, hurricane and storm resistant prefab modular steel homes that offer two to four bedrooms and a wide variety of options in the layout of your prefab home. All modular home packages in Portugal are designed and manufactured in accordance with local modular building codes and climatic conditions and are delivered as flat packed profile in galvanized steel house format in Portugal and around the world.

Modern Prefab Homes Portugal, Find Your Dream Home

Contemporary style hurricane resistant prefabricated modular homes and steel villas in Portugal offering wide open prefab house plans and spacious living spaces, large large windows and stylish modern exteriors. Karmod modular homes are offered as an affordable all-inclusive package that includes building materials, kitchens, bathrooms, decor items and equipment.

Colonial style architectural projects in Portugal define these attractive single family prefab residential homes. All prefabricated house models can be designed as hurricane and earthquake proof standard, and prefabricated steel house packages, modular structure and all its components, air and water proof, shock proof insulated wall panel system, all wall and ceiling cladding, cladding, shockproof glass, PVC windows. and steel doors, interior american doors, luxury toilets and bathrooms. and plumbing, kitchens, stairs and railings, paint and building exterior finishing materials.

Karmod established prefabricated social housing in different parts of the world. The residences it produces carry a strong combination of village living design, customization, high quality modular homes, very speed and a very attractive price, these modular homes are all made in a very short time and are very durable affordable steel houses.

Modular homes in Portugal - Steel house construction

"There are very few companies that can build such good and quality steel houses so quickly" as Karmod "Moreover, Portugal has really great prefabricated steel house construction expertise and probably one of the lowest production prices in Europe."

As Karmod, there are many reasons why you let us design your custom modular building in Portugal... As Karmod's expert engineers at the forefront of modular home and prefabricated building construction, we are in an ideal position to offer customized and bespoke design solutions for all types of modular buildings. Understanding technology enables us to design with all the advantages of modular home technology that guarantees speed, accuracy, flexibility and cost certainty.

The prefabricated and modular houses that Karmod produces in Portugal are an alternative to traditional buildings and can be the right choice of quality house for those looking for a comfortable, flexible and adaptable property in Portugal. With a shorter construction time and, as a general rule, a lower cost, they are becoming more and more popular and present themselves as a new prefab house construction solution that offers good living conditions. From the most rustic and traditional to the modern and minimalist, the offer is very diverse with many different models, prices and features. At Karmod Portugal, we will help you choose the prefabricated steel house or modular house of your dreams at an affordable price.

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