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Cheap Prefab Houses for Sale in Romania

Hurry to meet with its innovative prefabricated houses, Karmod, which has the largest production facility in Romania with its factory of 31,000 square meters, attracts a lot of attention in Romania. With more than 36 years of experience in its field, Karmod's main field of activity is producing high quality modular houses with prefabricated insulated panel system for light steel houses.

The prefabricated houses we produce are outside the Romanian market. Our main markets in which we operate are the European Union countries Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and Belgium. We manufacture all prefabricated structural elements of a steel house in our Turkey istanbul factory. (prefabricated house insulated panels for insulated walls, floors and roof), and on request we install prefabricated insulated panels for these steel houses on customer made foundation.

Low cost, energy efficient Light steel frame houses

Whether you are planning to build a small prefabricated summer house, a prefabricated holiday home or a large luxury modular house in Romania, our company will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and price.

Our Karmod prefabricated houses romania company, with its 36 years of experience and one of the best construction teams, is specially specialized in the construction of modular prefabricated houses and steel houses. We invite you to contact us with your house project to convince you.

Every prefabricated house in Romania is unique, reflecting the personality, style and lifestyle of its owners. Therefore, every prefabricated house plan and architectural project is customized in terms of built space and interior partition distribution. After the customer projects, we built a prefabricated house, we brought the necessary changes in terms of construction. If you have a prefabricated house project, you can choose one of the options offered by us and we can make changes according to your needs.

If you have a prefabricated house and villa project idea in Romania, do not hesitate to share it with us, we follow the architect and put it on paper to get our final project option. After making the final version of the prefabricated house and villa project, we present it to our customers in 3D, we make the necessary changes, and after our customer accepts the final version, we can now start the actual construction of the modular house. prefabricated materials in our garden and if you wish, we can also work with your architect as Karmod.

Best Prefab House Builder in Romania

The constructive style of a modular prefabricated house offers many advantages over brick houses. The choice of this constructive style in most countries is based on very large volumes of research on the durability of a prefabricated house, the thermal comfort of a prefabricated house and the health offered by a steel house, as well as environmental protection. These prefabricated modular houses are very well preserved over time and provide all the safety and comfort conditions. A prefab house adapts to all architectural and design styles. Sandwich has the necessary equipment and experience to manufacture modular steel structure prefabricated houses. Transval is CE certified for prefabricated house in accordance with ISO 9001.

Price advantages of prefabricated houses in Romania

Although the preabric houses built on it with its modular structure in terms of price are not far from the price of traditional buildings, there will be significant savings in heating/cooling costs due to its very good insulation over time. These houses will provide a great advantage over brick or concrete structures.

Residents of Romania's mountain region and other provinces have centuries-old traditions of prefabricated work. Our company has been producing quality, environmentally friendly prefabricated houses and modular structures based on local tradition and experience for more than 36 years. During this time we moved, the following European countries mostly use our Prefabricated steel houses: Germany, Spain, France, Netherlands Belgium, England, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal. For medium and large prefabricated houses in Romania, continuous classical foundations are required, such as houses with brick or concrete walls.

Foundations that are discontinuous for small prefabricated houses have a different structure in the foundation structure according to their characteristics.

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