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Your dream Prefab Homes lives here - Why choose Karmod?

With fifty-five gorgeous modular designs to choose from, specially created to adapt to New Zealand's unique climate and conditions, Karmod prefab homes are healthy, comfortable and beautiful to live in. Each Karmod, one of New Zealand's leading prefab home and architecture firms, is built to maximize the site it sits on, meet the aesthetic needs of Prefab home NZ owners and be finished to the highest standard and with attention to detail. We build and deliver prefabricated homes that fit you, your family and your lifestyle. Our Prefab homes offer all the comfort, quality and convenience you need and expect at an excellent price.

Why should you choose Karmod prefab houses? Steel houses and or prefabricated houses have many advantages over traditional houses. Prefab homes are produced in a custom factory and delivered to your site, often faster, more cost-effective and easier to build. Find out why prefab homes are becoming so popular in New Zealand as an alternative modular building option.

Next generation portable prefab homes for New Zealand

Karmod will provide a simplified construction process by creating prefab houses and recreation areas built using only high quality materials sourced locally in New Zealand. Customize any design to suit you, your property and your vision. Nationwide prefab homes delivery available!

Build modular design and economical turnkey prefabricated homes that combine minimalism with modern life. A forward-thinking alternative to traditional construction, it builds modules at one of its factory in New Zealand or on-site to maintain quality and cost control. Live the dream with architecturally designed affordable prefab houses, sales and work offices, studio flats, portable homes or vacation getaways that fit your life.

Responding to the housing market and the environment, Karmod was created from the desire to design smaller prefabricated houses that are stylish, affordable and can be produced quickly. Celebrating New Zealand materials alongside functional layouts and minimalist design means Karmod is considered one of the pioneers of NZ design for the tiny prefab house in New Zealand.

If you are looking for high quality portable prefab homes in New Zealand, Karmod is the right company for you. We are proud to be a New Zealand company: we primarily support country businesses and always try to use New Zealand suppliers and materials wherever possible in the construction of our prefabricated buildings.  However, we understand that portable prefab homes in NZ are an option that immediately comes to mind when considering buying a new home. That's why we wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our modular buildings.

Prefabricated Homes Designed for Your Needs in New Zealand

As Karmod, we are proud to be the leader of New Zealand when it comes to high quality portable prefabricated homes. We have developed a seamless construction process that helps our customers get the space they need quickly, at the lowest possible cost and with minimal fuss.

For many in New Zealand, the concept of the 'prefab dream house' has changed in recent years - many now dream of living in a warm, comfortable little prefab house that can be paid off quickly, without a big mortgage. First-time buyers are adopting portable prefab homes as an option early in life. Portable modular buildings provide affordability and practicality that cannot be had in a traditional prefab house.

We have a range of standard floor plans and layouts to choose from, from one bedroom to three bedroom portable prefab homes - or we can develop a custom design to suit your unique challenges. Our Modular homes in New Zealand are the perfect solution for customers who want a high level of flexibility or uniqueness.

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