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Healthy good life in Thailand starts in Karmod prefab house

Karmod, we produce prefabricated steel houses that live together with nature and society by building a future to develop together. Karmod, which was established in 1986 in Turkey, cooperates with prefabricated housing construction and Thai businessmen to meet the needs of Thailand. And in this way, we are entering the project business of high quality, short construction period, affordable housing and insulated, high-quality, high-quality, high-value-added modular buildings and social housing project that do not pass cold and heat.

As Karmod company, we have developed advanced technology and knowledge in housing building materials, which will contribute to the further development of the housing sector in Thailand and will also have a high quality effect that the Thai people can experience as a leading company, we are the leader in dealing with dynamic social problems.

Prefab Houses prices and Largest manufacturer in Thailand

Apart from prefabricated house and social housing in Thailand, It is also not only prefabricated steel houses with the latest housing equipped with safe, healthy and comfortable spaces, but also calm-friendly lifetime living, such as aged care homes and renovations for home care in parallel with the aging problems in Thailand We also provide environments.

Karmod Prefab Homes believes that living together and well-being together in Thailand are the truth of both nature and society. We will continue to create solid values ​​aimed at the further prosperity of Thailand's affordable prefabricated housing industry. Social housing architecture in Thailand was developed by designing high quality building materials and architectural styles under the influence of climate and culture.

Urban social housing project for low income group in Thailand

Our adventure in housing production, which started in 1986, has become the most preferred Housing brand in the world with the social housing projects we have done in 132 countries. It will mark a new history in the prefabricated social housing industry in Thailand, and will realize a comfortable new residential living space for environmental concerns and the New Normal period.

As Karmod, we believe that you should always breathe fresh air in your prefabricated house. That's why we make it easy to design healthy prefab homes that meet today's stringent green building codes.

By using new technology insulated panels in the prefabricated houses we produce, it saves energy in today's cold and hot and airtight houses and reduces your electricity bills by achieving serious energy savings. If our insulated tech panels are not used, they can also be breeding grounds for bad, unhealthy indoor air.

It is essential to remove harmful allergens and moisture from the air for a healthy modern prefabricated steel house and healthy life in Thailand. Karmod helps to ensure that the air in your home is always clean and pure. Whether you are installing whole house or point ventilation in Modular Homes, multi-family modular buildings or hotels, we provide a quiet living model for every room.

Healthy and comfortable New Modular Home Trend in Thailand

We will produce prefabricated modular homes to speed up the construction process in Thailand. Karmod Modular Homes was to deliver prefabricated prototype modular steel houses from New Turkey for a government-led project aimed at building warm, dry and affordable modular homes. To realize the delivery, Karmod modular Homes is Turkey's largest residential construction company with a production facility of 31,000 square meters, the prototype was to build a modular steel house in independent Thailand using quality prefabricated building materials based on the large insulated panel construction method of Karmod modular Homes.

Modern Prefab Steel Frame Houses Thailand

Karmod modalar homes, To speed up the construction process, some of the work, such as the inclusion of windows and other elements in the walls, was done in the factory of Karmod modular Homes in Turkey. Highly insulated prefabricated building materials were then shipped to Thailand. Travel restrictions have been imposed due to the pandemic and Karmod Modular Homes' engineers, who were required to oversee construction on-site, were unable to enter Thailand. the project was left unfinished.

Once the prefabricated house parts arrive in Thailand, Remote guidance will keep the project going.

Karmod Modular Homes quickly revised its plans and decided to provide construction guidance remotely rather than onsite. In just three days, Karmod staff assembled the pillars, beams and roof. Remote Guidance was used for all three phases of the prefab home assembly construction process:

On-Site Preparation; reviewing what and how to do with field personnel in the assembly of houses

Build; Monitoring for correct execution of the construction process and availability for questions and discussion

Inspection and correction; Following the finished result of the prefab houses and making sure everything is assembled correctly

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