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Standard and custom prefabricated homes in Lebanon, Provide Easy and Fast Solution, modular buildings. 36 years experience for mobile Container house. Custom Prefabricated Modular Construction, modular homes and office accommodation. Custom Premium quality factory built homes, pods and modular residential buildings. Flexible Building Systems. Cutting Edge Techniques. Intelligent Design. For quality prefabricated houses lebanon dalal with modern designs at unparalleled prices, look no further than Karmod. Prefabricated houses made from steel or modular that can be tailored according to each client’s choice. Prefab House Of Lebanon Beirut Dalal Earthquake-Proof Modular Portable Houses in Lebanon

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Karmod Prefabricated Houses Technologies provides the most modern solutions to your accommodation problems. Having expert teams assigned in various purposes grants us to ability to provide the best prefabricated accommodation services available in the market. Our professional research and development team helps us shine light on more accommodation problems by acquiring latest necessary technologies and implementing them to our products for us to provide more practical and wider array of services.

From social prefab housing Lebanon and flat pack containers to commercial container buildings and modular office buildings in Lebanon all of our products contain specific features that allows them to be more useful than their purpose of production. These features, such as high durability, makes our products the most preferred in the market as they are portable, practical, durable and cost-efficient compared to any permanent building. They can come with extra durability option for heavy-duty purposes or extremely dangerous zones and provide the security you require with ease.

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They can also be delivered pre-installed as they are exceptionally easy to install while their entire interior or exterior can be customized and they can be moved from one place to another intact or disassembled with ease even in the middle of the project. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we have completed countless prefab school projectsprefab hospital projectsprefab village projects in Lebanon and helped many companies realizing their construction projects globally throughout the years. With this collective experience, we have become the most successful prefabricated buildings provider in the industry. We love what we do and want to achieve more.

The Most Practical and Affordable Prefabricated Houses in The Industry

Prefabricated house Lebanon is the name given to light and portable structures produced under factory conditions. Structurally, many advantages are home models. It is earthquake resistant, heat insulated, useful and despite all this, it is portable. The most preferred reasons are that it can be installed in a short time and is low cost. To ask which one is the more important factor, considering today’s conditions, its ability to be installed quickly stands out compared to the others. The fact that a house or any building can be built quickly brings many advantages. First of all, the savings that may come to our mind are workers’ salaries.

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The longer you employ a worker or a staff member, the higher your salary will have to keep. It may also depend on the economic conditions in your country. If we consider a project that could take years, staff salaries can increase every year. Professional team is required for the construction project and this team is not only composed of workers. Large construction equipment, Prefab building materials Lebanon, contracted institutions and many different units are also included in the project.

Reducing Environmental Impacts in Beirut 

The materials used, such as staff salaries, can also be affected by economic conditions. You have to take all of these variables into account before starting a traditional style construction project. The second feature that makes prefabricated houses advantageous is their low cost. We know that the ability to be built in a short time reduces the environmental impacts and reduces the cost significantly. However, regardless of environmental factors, prefabricated buildings in Lebanon are cheaper than traditional buildings. The material used gives a more efficient result in terms of price performance.

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Prefabricated houses can be named according to their size and design as in traditional houses. There are a variety of prefabricated houses, from a luxury villa to a multi-stored apartment. It is used in many countries of the world regardless of location. Lebanon is one of the countries where modular prefabricated house technology is heavily preferred. Karmod prefabricated houses in Lebanon the best Lebanese construction company that provides all kinds of ready. Experience first class luxury living in a high-end finishing Villas.

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