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Karmod will produce Affordable Prefabricated Housing in Liberia : With a fast-growing population and rapid urbanization process, many African countries now face increasing pressure to provide adequate housing for their citizens. Over the past 10 years since the end of the civil war in Liberia, the country has been vigorously developing its infrastructure, attracting foreign investment, developing production and aiming to achieve long-term peace and stability in order to revitalize the economy and improve livelihoods. As one of the important components in infrastructure construction, the development of civil, commercial and industrial buildings and other projects are essential to improve livelihoods and stimulate economic development. However, the lack of local construction materials and a small manufacturing sector, with only one prefab housing factory in Liberia, have impacted infrastructure development.

Affordable Prefabricated Housing in Liberia 

Since 1986, Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies has made countless people homeowners and helped realizing many small-scale or large-scale projects and operations. We believe in mutual respect we have between our clients and that is one of the main reasons why we are at the top place among other prefabricated steel house providers and permanent buildings providers. From prefab container homes and containers for construction housing to affordable prefab housing and portable cabins, all of our multi-purposed modular house buildings are designed to provide exactly what you need but able to do much more.

Robust, Modern and Easy to Install Liberia houses 

As Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies, we attach great importance to catching up with modern technologies and improving our services over time to reach maximum customer satisfaction. Being able to carry out multiple operations across the globe simultaneously and practicality, portability, durability, configurability and cost-efficiency of our products is one of the key factors of what made us preferrable and known in the world.

Liberia signs MOU for construction of 1000 affordable ocial housing

No matter the operation, we consider and take precautions while working to not disturb surrounding communities and environment because of the respect we have to other ideas, communities, religions and traditions. As Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies, we use latest technology eco-friendly materials during the production process of our prefabricated panels to make the highest quality and practical modular house buildings for you to utilize. With our expert research and development team, we are constantly in search for new ways to improve our services and widen our array of efficient products. We know the hardships of staying relevant in terms of technology especially in prefabricated buildings industry but with enough research and promotion of new ideas among workplace, we are successfully implementing newest technologies in our ever-expending services.

Low cost social housing in Liberia and Low-income housing in Liberia

With the rapidly increasing population and rapid urbanization process, the governments of many African countries are in an effort to provide adequate housing for their citizens. The need for housing is one of the most basic needs. Although workarounds have been tried many times, they are far from sustainable. In the last 10 years in Africa, countries have vigorously developed their infrastructures to stimulate the economy and improve livelihoods. It is very important to develop civil, commercial and industrial buildings and other projects, which are one of the important components of infrastructure construction. The construction industry is a useful method to improve livelihoods and stimulate economic development. Although traditional style construction projects are sustainable, they are very costly and require developed infrastructure.

Liberia Structural Steel Fabrication Modern Prefab Homes

In addition, the projects take many years. While even a single construction project takes years, it is difficult to draw a predictable goal for public housing construction. Prefabricated houses emerge as a suitable solution for urbanization problems because of their low cost and fast construction. With prefab material in a construction steel frame homes technology, it has become possible to build a traditional house quality home.

Promoting Affordable Prefabricated Housing in Liberia

Prefabricated house technology does not require heavy equipment and is not affected by external factors. Installation requires much less time and the total costs are much lower than for conventional construction. For African countries such as Liberia, where long rainy seasons are experienced, this technology is highly functional. Significant shortening of the construction period reduces the possibility of being affected by rainy seasons. It can relieve the pressure on housing demand in the long run, with costs also falling. Executive mansion Liberia meets the basic demand of low-income groups as a suitable new construction technology system.

It emphasizes the advantages of affordable assembly type buildings in terms of construction speed, comfort, safety, economy and practicality. Middle to upper income homes in Paynesville contributes to the growth of the economy.

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