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Prefabricated house construction in Ukraine

As Karmod, we will produce fast and economical sustainable prefabricated houses and modular buildings for the war-torn Ukrainian people. Quality production, easy transportation, fast installation. This approach can solve many School, Hospital and Housing problems in our country with this production technology. We offer to introduce you to modular house and building technology, and if you wish, we can choose and order a suitable modular house and build new cities and buildings in Ukraine. Prefabricated Modular homes and modular buildings do not differ in the highest level of aesthetic style, but they are popular and very useful, given their relatively low cost, insulation, efficiency and modern high-tech decoration style.

Prefab Houses and Villages Could Host Ukraine's War Victims

While the war in Ukraine continues with all its violence, Karmod architects and planners are already starting to think about what will happen when the war stops. Cities such as Kharkiv and Mariupol in Ukraine were badly damaged; Across the country, houses are unusable after more than four months of Russian shelling. We will build ready-made fast-established prefabricated houses and refugee villages in Ukraine, where displaced people will live in their country again.

Vision to Build Social Housing City in Ukraine

The prefabricated houses we produce are one of the most popular types of housing in Ukraine and in the World. Modular houses made of light steel frame and thermal insulation material and manufactured. Resistant to high corrosion resistance, does not require special maintenance for 25 years. Unique and excellent design houses. With more than 36 years of manufacturing experience. Production on 31,000 square meters. We have solved the housing problem in 132 countries of the world. Karmod Quality Promise. Ready-made prefabricated house in Europe and Ukraine is an investment in your future and a guarantee of quality, sustainability and long-term use. Since Karmod offers a wide range of custom-built prefabricated housing projects, you can completely trust us and order a panel system prefabricated house. For more than 36 years, we have been fulfilling the wishes of our customers to be happy in their private modular homes.

We are developing housing for the war-torn Ukrainian People

The main aim of our business is to produce energy efficient prefabricated houses and social housing for all purposes in Ukraine and Europe. We provide the opportunity to produce all kinds of modular building constructions in Ukraine and Kyiv region. Such prefabricated houses and modular buildings are produced: Prefabricated steel frame constructions ready-made walls for buildings, exterior works only, windows and doors made; also ceiling and roof constructions for all types of roofs.

We designed new modular shelters based in Ukraine and Kyiv

In addition, small module prefabricated frame houses are produced. This type of steel houses includes interior and exterior cladding. We are ready to offer you European quality prefabricated house structures at Ukrainian prices. We use European technologies, world-renowned certified materials, highly qualified specialists. Due to differences in war and economy, we can offer you competitive prices. It is very profitable for both you and us. As karmod, our staff's engineers design your architectural house and housing projects according to customers' requests or adapt existing projects to prefabricated steel house technology.

Ukrainian state will produce modular homes for war victims

Post-war ukrainian statesmen to war victims  to make modular homes that are practical, fast and economical, as well as energy efficient. It will want to produce these prefabricated houses in all cities of Ukraine as quickly as possible and support the people of Ukraine. In Ukraine, the biggest needs after the war will be all kinds of modular buildings, from emergency housing, kindergartens, schools, health institutions and other civil structures, and we will be producing them fast. We are ready to fulfill the wishes of our customers in Ukraine regarding energy consumption, architectural style, aesthetics and modular home comfort of the future. We have more than 36 years of successful prefabricated houses and buildings in Ukraine and Europe, a professional staff of designers and construction manufacturers.

Frame Houses and Social Housing plan for Ukraine

Ukraine war victims families Welcome to the modular city of Karmod in Lviv. Therefore, we are looking for great partners who are interested in the construction of prefabricated houses and modular structures in your Ukraine country. Before the construction of panel system prefabricated houses, a detailed analysis is made and an individual approach is applied to each project. The protrusion of the insulated panel system houses ensures that each sandwich panel is formed according to the weight of the load-bearing structure that ensures the stability of the cottage.

Resettlement Areas to be built in Ukraine

As Karmod Turkey, as the largest prefabricated house company, we help Ukrainian refugees to settle in their cities, where they will live and re-establish themselves with housing construction. The main advantage of the insulated panel prefab house is the accuracy of the calculations, unlike ordinary houses made of reinforced concrete bricks. This also explains why the prices of panel system prefabricated houses in Ukraine during construction are often much lower. Steel prefabricated frame houses are very ergonomic due to technologies. While the facade layers maintain the heat in winter, they bring freshness in summer. In addition, the prefab house with insulation panels has the advantages of being affordable

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