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Prefab Housing Africa

Prefab housing products are one of the best way to have a housing withe economic prices and in a shorter time than traditional reinforced concrete buildings. Karmod is among Turkey’s leading modular building manufacturers. One of the region it runs projejcts is Africa. You can see our affordable prefab housing Africa projects, modular housing buildings projects, family homes for Africa… etc

Also we run so many oil, mining and different projects, we designed, produced and installed workers camps, construction site buildings for these projects. All of our camp buildings are all inclusive. We design and produce economic, comfortable and secure dormitories, dining halls, work offices, meeting rooms, security cabins etc for the construction sites and worker camps. With our 36 years industry experience, we not only design and produce the most suitable buildings for your projects, we also help you and advise you about your projects.

Design manufacture and installation of Prefab Housing Africa

KARMOD Prefab Housing Africa is helping to provide a much-needed solution for affordable green homes locally and throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
There are at least 200,000, africans who have qualified for mortgages through the National Housing Fund, with contributions already deducted from their salaries. They are ready to purchase a home, but there are no homes within their price range for them to move into.

KARMOD’s prefabricated housing come with solar panels.

Prefab building construction company KARMOD africa has just the answer for providing a much-needed solution for affordable green homes in the most populous country in West Africa. The manufacturer’s movable “Prefab Housing Afirca” have hooks on the sides so they can be picked up and transported elsewhere. They are a minimalist’s dream, with a typical model offering just a bedroom and kitchen with a bathroom sandwiched in between, for a total of 51 square meters of living space. Best of all, they can be built in just five days. And perhaps most importantly, they are “green.”

Each prefabricated housing comes with a pair of solar panels and a small lithium battery inside with an inverter that can be metred. This simple system generates enough power for the basics: a fan, cell phone, fridge, and lighting, with six hours of backup battery time. The company is in the process of certifying the first housing development of larger-sized, three-bedroom bungalows with Karmod. There is also a reward-based grant from the World Bank that provides KARMOD with a 20 percent subsidy on its solar operations.

Inspired by the need to build homes so fast that it takes little time to finance them, KARMOD has developed a business model that will work for africans in the future. Quick-to-build and with a low carbon footprint, the homes tick all the boxes – affordable and sustainable. The prefab housinf africa cost just $15,000, with three-bedrooms pegged at $30,000 each. The company says it has the capacity to churn out 1,500 Prefab housing annually.

Taner Öztürk, CEO of KARMOD Nigeria.

“Without innovation, you cannot solve problems with critical mass,” says Taner öztürk, CEO of KARMOD Africa. “We’re working to show what’s possible. Our hope is to inspire others to come up with a national idea of what it means to provide affordable housing.”

Forward-thinking manufacturers such as KARMOD Africa have the potential to help tackle the housing deficit in the country, which some estimate to be 20 million in need of homes. With so much demand, KARMOD is ready to lend its support on the supply side. This pre-fab cabin model could be just the opportunity that Africans have been waiting for.

Low Cost Prefab Housing Products

Our range of products are very wide. You can find modular cabins, prefab modular housing, container houses, waste containers, light steel construction prefab housing in our range of products. These buildings are ideal for low cost prefab housing Africa.

Low cost Prefab housing Africa is needed for many areas, especially for the projects that need urgent buildings. For example refugee camps. These camps are the places where hundreds of people stay together. And while these camps are being built, they must be completed in a very short time. Generally the budget is also limited. Or disaster home projects are good example for that too. The time and budget is limited. Modular buildings are ideal structures for projects. Prefab housing and container homes provide so much convenience in terms of time and budget.

Affordable Prefab Housing for Africa

We have run so many projects of affordable prefab housing for South Africa and all over the Africa. One of the was in Tanzania, located in the middle-eastern region of Africa. We designed and produced construction site buildings for a gold mining worker camp. We use new generation container tehcnology in this project. We completed the building that has 180 square meters area in only 8 days. Our comfortable buildings offer accommodation areas for those working in the gold mining project. Because they are durable ans suitable for every season and every climate conditions, they can be used in every region and every season.

For low cost housing South Africa homes and all over Africa modular buildings, you can contact us. You can also look our Africa projects on our web site.

Incredible Modular Prefab housing From

When it comes to economic residence, Karmod prefab housing Africa are came to mind. We design and produce aesthetic looking, affordable, earthquake resistant, fire resistant and durable modular buildings. There are both single storey and two storey prefab housing among the modular homes we design. You can prefer different coatings at the interior and exterior walls of your housing . You can choose standard-sized housing and also you can demand customized housing. You can look all of our prefab housing models on our official web site.

African continent is a region where there are som any different countries with various climates and regional conditions. We can design and produce suitable Africa prefab housing for every Africa country. We produce our products in our modern computer aided production facilities. We control them while they are being produced, we use high quaility and certified materials. Their installation is made by our expert teams on site. You can demand any building from anywhere at the world. We deliver your buildings with the international transport standards. If you have a problem about our products, we always with you via our professional after sales service.

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