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Prefab Labor Accommodation

Prefab labor accommodation is one of the basic needs of a humanbeing. The places where we stay, accommodate or live are very important for both our physical health and psychological health. Also they have a great importance in the sense of environment. The biggest and the most important need of construction, petrol or Prefab labor accommodation. There is a building need for people who work and live in there even if for a short time. Mobile labor accommodation is a highly preferred method of accommodation in recent years. Caravans, mobile homes, tiny houses or places like these are an example of that. Prefab labor accommodation methods are being preferred for temporary work camps that are placed in a remote area.

Modular structures such as Prefab labor accommodation or container are very good solutions for a projects that are temporary. Because these structures are portable and you can move them to another place whenever you want. And they are not difficult to transport. Most of time, you can transport them with the help of a crane. But if you want, they can be fixed on the ground. Because camp places can have harsh season conditions sometimes. In such situtations, fixing these buildings on the ground will be safe.

Best Prefabricated Labor Camp Manufacturer

Prefab labor accommodation buildings should have some imporant features. They should have a suitable structure for every conditions. Because remote areas may differ. They may be sandy, iced or extremely hot. As Karmod, we can design prefab or container accommodation for every area. Our buildings have excellent wind speed and snow load. Also we can fix our buildings on the ground if our customer wants. 

As a company that has an modular lPrefab labor accommodation building experience more than 36 years, we know the harsh conditions of the projects that are in remote areas. And we produce all inclusive camp buildings for you. We pay attention to our buildings durability, resistance to earthquakes, minimizing the risk of fire and being safely usable in all seasons. You can use safely our products in every season and conditions.

Also these buildings should have all parts for every human needs from accommodation to wc and showers. Our prefab or container labor accommodation buildings have everything from dining halls to dormitories, wc and showers to mobile site offices, rest rooms to work offices. All of them are durable and portable. These camps have variable conditions. Because of that, the buildings that can be easily moved should be used for these Prefab labor accommodation. In addition, because these camps are not permanent.

Karmod completed tens of Prefab labor accommodation projects all around the world. With our expert teams and the experience we gained via these projects, we design, produce and install the best buildings for your need.

Prefab Steel Structure House For Labor Accommodation Camps

Prefab labor accommodation are installed all around the world. Generally, the places where these camps are installed have harsh conditions.

Africa is one of the places we run so many projects. For example, we installed gold mine work camp in Tanzania. We use new generation container buildings for this project. We thought of everything that is needed for the people who will stay and work at there. We completed the camp buildings that have 180 square meters area in only 8 days. Guinea is the another African regions we worked in. We installed gold mine worker camp building in Guinea too. We installed 150 units in only 80 days.

All Karmod buildings create a area where workers can rest well and work efficiently. All Prefab labor accommodation and villages of Karmod offer you healthy, ergonomic, environmentally friendly and durable camps. For more detailed information about our prefab labor accommodation buildings, please contact us!

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