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Prefab structural insulated panels

Ready-made prefab or container houses are favorite of recent years. They are produced for work camps, temporary accommodation places, medical facilities, summer house production, social housing projects, refugee camps or disaster home projects. There are many reasons why they can be preferred in so many different areas like these. They can be easily customized for every project, their production and installation time is short and installation is easy, thanks to the prefab structural insulated panel that is used in the production of these houses, insulation is cheaper, their prices are economic by comparison with traditional buildings and they are environmentally friendly.

Prefab structural insulated panels (sip) home systems are the best house structure systems from the point of good insulation. Karmod is one of the leading companies in Prefab structural insulated panel industry. The sandwich panel products it manufactures are suitable for even first degree earthquake zone and they can be used in third degree climatic locations. They can be fixed on the ground against wind according to the customer’s demand. It is very easy to design and produce simple living areas with these prefab structural insulated panel homesSIP Panels that can be used for every season provide healthy, durable and useful living areas.

Structural insulated panel (sip) manufacturer Karmod uses high quality materials

There are so many companies that are Prefab structural insulated panel (sip) manufacturer. Difference of Karmod from them is the material quality. Building a low cost panel home is very easy and economic with Karmod.  We use high quality materials in all of our products. We use TS EN 13163 polystyrene styrofoam. Exterior wall transmission coefficient is 0,46 W/m²K. Roof transmission coefficient is 0,26 W/m²K. Floor transmission coefficient is 1,24 W/m²K. Ground distributed load capacity is 200 Kg/m².

Prefab structural insulated panel has so many superiorities:

  1. Mechanical Strength

Compressive, tensile and sliding strengths are the most important values that determine mechanical strength performance. Polystyrene foam and rock wool are used for sandwich panel structures. Features of the materials that are used for sandwich panel filling are very important. With the high quality backfilling materials, panels that have very high mechanical strength can be obtained.

  1. Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is one of the most important features for a building. Because it affects both energy saving and warming or cooling. If your building has a good insulation, you can minimize your energy costs and you can warm up or cool in a shorter time. Plastic foams are very resistant to water. Inorganic materials such as rock wool can also cause a serious reduction of 75% in thermal performance when in contact with water. With Prefab structural insulated panel, you can save energy and you can provide good warming or cooling performance.

  1. Sound Insulation

Along with thermal insulation, Prefab structural insulated panel also provides good sound insulation. This can be very good for very noisy environments such as city centers, work camps, construction sites and etc. Also it will be very good for a holiday house.

Do not decide without looking at Karmod Prefab structural insulated panels

If you are looking for a holiday house or buildings for city centers, work camps or construction sites, do not decide without looking at Karmod Prefab structural insulated panels. Karmod prefab houses have so many superiorities than their competitors. They have high thermal and sound insulation, high mechanical strength performance and in addition to these, they have economic prices, they are produced in a short time, they are installed in very short time. You can look our durable, affordable, spacious and environmentally friendly prefab houses in detal from our web site and you can contact us to get more information about our products and Karmod family.

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