Temporary Construction Prefab Camps – Prefabricated Labour Camps

Prefabricated camps

We provide both temporary construction facilities and semi-permanent dwellings ranging from 1,000 person labour camps to construction site offices. Prefabricated Camp Features
Accommodation units, Ancillary buildings such as: Kitchens, Gymnasiums, Dining rooms, Laundry, Recreational facilities
Labour Camp Advantages
Using our in-house structural, MEP and architectural engineering experts, we can deliver turnkey prefabricated camp solutions which include: Power generation, Sewage management, Reverse osmosis plants, Fire addressable systems

Prefabricated buildings for construction site camps

Karmod has been serving for more than 36 years as a company established in 1986 in Turkey. Since its establishment, its products have shown itself in the international arena in a short time and started to be among the most preferred companies with its superior quality and service. Its products include dozens of structures from modular cabins to prefabricated camp structures. It produces the structure that suits your every need in the shortest time in the most economical way and delivers it to you from anywhere in the world. Karmod, which increases its experience day by day with dozens of projects completed in different sectors, offers you the best consultancy service with the highest quality products. Prefabricated camps are one of the most preferred products among Karmod’s prefabricated camp products.

It offers turnkey prefabricated solutions for oil and gas general contracting projects. For different projects, it conducts joint studies with state institutions, private organizations or non-governmental organizations.

Prefabricated Buildings For Workforce Housing & Camp Systems

Prefabricated camp buildings are among the best building alternatives of the modern age. Structures that were used only for earthquake residences in the past are preferred even in structures such as field hospitals, which are of critical importance today. At the same time, they are preferred by thousands of people as summer houses and even as daily living spaces. Quick build prefab camps are the building system that provides you with the easiest way to own your dream home. You can access Karmod prefabricated camps and completed projects in detail on the website.

As Karmod, we aim to add new values ​​to the sector through our products that we have produced for 36 years, and for this purpose, we closely follow technology and innovations in our field. With each innovation, we increase the quality of our products, and we work on how we can improve our service quality.

Prefabricated Construction Site Labour Camp Housing

Modular prefabricated camp projects are the best choice for the accommodation units of natural gas, mining or companies working in different fields in remote areas projects. Quickly produced and quickly set up, it contributes to completing your prefab camp projects on time. It helps you do your job without causing delays in your projects that you race over time. The accommodation of the staff working in the project is very important for the progress of the project. Employees staying in comfortable areas and starting their day more energetically enable them to do their jobs better. This means that the project made is more organized and more efficient.

Karmod is a brand chosen by the world’s best companies in building temporary and permanent prefabricated camps. Its prefab camps are far ahead of its peers. Units with high performance insulation that is resistant to all weather conditions will not let you down. Each of the quality materials used in their buildings are certified, their quality is approved. Their maintenance is very easy. Thanks to their long life, you do not have to spare maintenance costs for very long periods. When you want to expand, you can expand it in a very short time thanks to their production with unwelded system.

Turnkey Prefabricated Worksite worker Camps

The prefabricated camps we have installed in dozens of places around the world are our strong references. You can come across projects consisting of Karmod prefabricated camp structures in every region from America to Africa, Asia to the Middle East.

We have everything that worker residential cities need in our product groups. Dining halls, dormitories, wc and showers, study offices, management offices… everything you need! With our unique industry experience, we know the best for you, produce and deliver the best product at the best time in the best way. For more detailed information, please contact Karmod.

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