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Prefabricated Construction companies are not a new approach in the field of construction, but as Karmod Prefabricated Construction companies, we constantly develop new and original technologies that changes our clients’ perception about prefabricated constructions. We always look for new and original ways to serve. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies always determines what our customers’ require and what could be added to our wide variety of prefabricated home and other modular services. Our wide array of products has their own strong points and characteristics. They can be modified through customer request. We are always ambitious about our customers’ happiness and look forward to implement new advanced technologies to our products to achieve our customers’ satisfaction. Karmod Prefabricated Technologies provides solutions with cost-effective, practical, quality and portable products across the globe. We consider all kinds of natural and communal measures and act accordingly. We appreciate and respect to communities that our works are located at. Our wish is to respectively become the best in the industry we operate.

Prefabricated Construction Solutions Offer Productivity

Karmod Prefabricated Construction companies offers the right prefabricated plan for your needs. From modular schools and hospitals to modular offices and halls, our team of professionals make sure to deliver exactly what you want. Thanks to the portability of our configurable modular schoolsportable education buildings can be made and customized in a short span of time. Our prefab hospitals are especially very effective in a time of urgency. They can be deployed quickly and, like every other product we offer, can be configured easily. Also, our portable office units are preferred among construction businesses as they are very practical and cost-efficient in terms of realizing a project. Each and every one of our constructions are made out of sturdy materials. With Karmod Prefabricated Technologies’ simultaneous factory manufacturing and site preparation, your order will be delivered and in a short span of time. Taking less time for occupance of space by easy installation feature, you can save up to %50 of your precious time compared to construction of traditional buildings. Just another example of the wide variety of products that Karmod Prefabricated Construction companies offers, Karmod Prefabricated Offices are the most preferred among construction businesses. Our offices consist everything you need to complete your project in a comfortable environment. When starting a project, quick and on site accommodation is generally required as on site resting spaces can provide comfort to both workforce and project management team. These mobile offices can be delivered with WC containersdining hall containers and even coffee kiosks. Even if our clients are not satisfied with their current product, our prefabricated offices can be modified however they like. They are fully customizable and configurable so interior and exterior can vary. They also can be moved quite easily.

New trend: “Volumetric Modular Construction

Modular construction companies  has brought great innovations to the construction industry. Unlike the traditional construction style, modular buildings have enabled transportation problems to be solved and the production style to become more efficient. The construction industry has adapted with the developing technology and portable construction methods have made it possible to benefit from the workforce more effectively. The concept of Modular Construction companies is not new to the engineering literature. Economic demands and unsolved problems have increased the interest in this issue. New innovative approaches have been developed to meet the increasing interest.

Modular/Prefab vs Traditional Construction:

Foundation of a Modular Construction companie project commonly relies on provision of workers’ needs. If workers are satisfied with current accommodation and other types of factors, start-up costs of that project can significantly decrease and workers will become more efficient in their assigned work. By decreasing the start up costs of a project, you can avoid extra costs in the middle of your project thus dodging delays. Overall, Karmod Prefabricated Offices and other on site variation products are specifically designed for such projects to progress in a healthy and secure manner.

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