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Prefabricated Construction Systems

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We offer turnkey solutions with latest technology. 36 years experience, 120 countries and more than 3 million square meters production. Prefabricated construction, the assembly of buildings or their components at a location other than the building site. Prefab construction is a process modeled off modern manufacturing best practices.
Karmod prefabricated construction systems have the advantages of production speed, ease of transportation and easy and fast assembly with the use of high technology and high quality materials. They offer practical and flexible designs that can be used in multipurpose and difficult weather conditions. They can be single-storey or two-storey and can be used for accommodation facilities required for all conditions and purposes. They have economical prices and can be produced very quickly. They can be produced in just weeks.

Benefits of Prefabricated Construction

One of the areas where the development of technology is most beneficial is production systems. Thanks to the developing technologies in every sector, the productions can be realized much faster and with a very low margin of error. Thanks to these developments, modern methods of construction enable the production of much higher quality structures in much shorter times in many areas from construction to health. Prefabricated construction, one of the modern methods of construction, has been preferred in every field in recent years. Prefabricated offices & workspaces stand out with their fast production, ease of transportation, easy and fast assembly, and economical prices.

Prefabricated Construction – Certified & Affordable

Prefabricated construction systems also give you great advantages in realizing your dream home. Insulated and durable prefab homes, produced in a very short time, can be used in all seasons and conditions and have much more economical price.

Prefabricated offices involved in construction site mobilization are among the buildings that are generally built permanently by various institutions and organizations. The number of personnel and the duration of use of the building are among the most important criteria for the determination of the needs in the projecting process of prefabricated construction.

In office buildings, technical features suitable for climatic conditions and providing all kinds of comfort conditions in the office are extremely important for the performance of the working personnel. We have standard plan alternatives in a wide variety of m2 for our prefabricated offices, which are produced modularly. However, in case of a different customer request, special solutions are offered for you by our technical staff consisting of architects and engineers. For each building, static calculations are made based on snow and wind loads in accordance with the climatic characteristics of the place where it will be installed.

Everything You Need to Know About Prefabricated Construction

Karmod prefabricated construction can be used in many areas such as worker camps, offices, social residences, military camps, individual residences, petroleum and natural gas projects, earthquake (disaster) houses, refugee residences where every building is located for accommodation in construction projects, from dormitory to cafeteria.

As Karmod, we prefer innovative technology systems in the design and production of prefabricated construction systems and by closely following the developments in these issues, we always renew and improve ourselves. Steel is a recyclable material that leaves minimal waste. Prefabricated buildings are environmentally friendly thanks to the steel material used in their structures.

Prefabricated building construction systems

When you choose prefabricated construction in your projects and homes, you leave little harmful waste to the environment and you will have living spaces that are much more suitable for human health. At the same time, as Karmod, we offer our customers a high degree of design flexibility by allowing our customers to customize their products according to their special needs, locations and climatic conditions.

Prefabricated construction systems are produced with all their parts in Karmod modern production facilities and the pre-produced structures are shipped to all over the world in international transportation standards. It is installed by expert teams.

For your projects requiring temporary or permanent solutions, the most suitable, most useful and economical prefabricated construction for your dream home that you want to choose individually, is at Karmod! You can view our projects all over the world and our products with thousands of user references from all over the world on our website.

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